Thursday, 10 September 2015

Too Faced A La Mode - The Summer Palette I Have Fallen For This Autumn

I've been seeing a lot of great 'transitional make-up' posts in the blogosphere lately, and I only wish I was so organised to think things through in such a sensible manner. Instead, I impulse buy Summer-themed palettes at the end of August and hope for the best! This one was a Cohorted bargain, and having always wanted to try a Too Faced palette, I figured it seemed a good way to test the waters. 

One of the reasons I had had my eye on these palettes was the packaging. I really like the tin, it's compact and sturdy, far better for travel than cardboard palettes or say, Naked 1. There's a handy little booklet in the top, suggesting different looks to try, which I think was rather considerate of Too Faced. Most people I know don't obsess over beauty like I do, and often find palettes a little overwhelming; this gives them somewhere to start. 

The shades are arranged into three sections, Day, Classic and Fashion. I love how the lightest colour is bigger than the rest, as I often hit pan on my favourite base shades first. 

Day includes; St. Tropez, a surprisingly glittery warm beige shade with gold sparkle; Cannes, a beautiful coppery shimmer with a gorgeous texture and a shimmering finish; and Soleil, a dark chocolatey brown shimmer. 

Classic is a less glittery look, and all three shades are satiny with a slightly metallic finish, and super buttery. Riviera is my favourite base colour in the palette, as the warm tone is flattering and it is very finely milled. Jardin is a pretty pink, with a hint of gold shimmer - it reminds me of NARS Orgasm! Cote d'Azur is a dream to apply, a lovely smooth taupey-brown. 

Fashion takes me out of my comfort zone, and at first I thought I wouldn't like these shades. However, La Croisette is a lovely highlight shade, in the vein of MAC Nylon, perfect for a bright inner corner. De La Mer is actually pretty awesome, a dark, shimmery navy. I love navy in Autumn/Winter, and can see myself using this as a bright liner or to add a bit of interest to a dark smoky eye. Monaco...scares me. I can't lie, I haven't figured this one out yet. All I know is that I won't be wearing it at the same time as De La Mer. Quality-wise, it's top notch though, super pigmented and buttery. 

On the whole, these shadows are fantastic quality, comparable (if not superior) to Urban Decay. I didn't experience any fallout with any of these, which I do with all of my Naked palettes, so I am pretty impressed. I'm looking forward to experimenting more with this, but so far I have been enjoying the look below. It's pretty much the Day look, with the base shade switched with Classic; so Riviera all over the lid to the browbone, Cannes on my mobile lid to the crease, and Soleil packed into my outer-v and blended well through the crease. I find the lack of glitter in Riviera makes for a more daytime-appropriate look, and although I can see how they chose to market these shades as Summer, I do think the coppery tones are gorgeous for Autumn. 

I am now dying to get my hands on more palettes from Too Faced. I know the Chocolate Bar one is super popular, and I can totally see why, but I do fancy trying out more of these tins. They all have the nine-shades-three-looks thing going on, which I like, and they have some gorgeous combinations. The Boudoir one looks amazing! Any recommendations for Too Faced palettes, or even other products? I hear their blushes and bronzers are not to be missed!

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