Saturday, 5 September 2015

New Love: Kiko Milano Rebel Romantic Collection

kiko rebel romantic collection haul

 Since Kiko opened a shop near to me, I have been one hell of a frequent flier. I'm crazy in love with their affordable, innovative, high quality make up, so naturally I was excited to see a new collection when I popped in this weekend.

The Rebel Romantic collection is a sight to behold. The so-now, so-Charlotte T rose gold packaging and vintage glamour is a blogger's dream, and little touches like the embossed design on the lipstick bullet (not to mention the satisfying magnetic click of the lid) make many items feel like high-end.

kiko rebel romantic lipstick lusty peony

I picked up a lip liner and a lipstick, and am super impressed with both. The liners each have a co-coordinating lipstick, but in the spirit of the collection, like a true Rebel Romantic, I mixed and matched. The liner I have, 02 Pretty Mauve, is lovely used alone or, as I am wearing below, with lipstick. It is impressively long-wearing and makes me feel a bit Kylie Jenner. 'Nuff said. I also love the hydrating, rich and luxe feel of the Intensely Lavish lipstick I bought; it genuinely out-performs many of my far pricier lip products. I found it very hard to pick a shade, so in the end my husband picked for me. I am loving the shade name, Lusty Peony! I think I may have to go back and get one of the darker shades too, as I am blown away by the quality of this lipstick. In fact, I kind of want them all...

kiko milano rebel romantic intensely lavish lipstick lusty peony swatch on lips

I think my Zoeva cravings led me to pick up the only make-up brush in the collection, a duo ended face brush, with synthetic fibres. It's designed to be used with their bronzer and bouncy blush, but I have enjoyed using it with my usual bronzer and cream blushes. The smaller end is quite firm, so really allows for precise application. It feels lovely and soft, and the pretty art-deco design is a nice touch. For around £13, you are getting two decent brushes, which I think is rather good.

If you spend £25 on the new collection, you get a free eye liner pencil, so I went for the excellently-named Cuddly Marsala. I don't usually use pencil liner on my upper lash line, but I am loving this! already I have used it in my waterline, for a cat eye and just for a quick swipe along my lid. It's soft, precise and long lasting, and the rusty colour is perfect for transitioning into Autumn. I'm slightly obsessed. 
kiko milano eye liner kajal swatch on eyes
Excuse my untidy brows!

Have you tried anything from Kiko's new collection? I'm always on the lookout for recommendations from their permanent line too!

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