Tuesday, 8 September 2015

A Little Lush Haul.

Like rose gold, Naked palettes and these days, marble trays, Lush is a real beauty blogging cliché. However, these things tend to become loved for a good reason, and I defy anyone to leave a Lush store empty handed. I hadn't been in for a while, so grabbed a few old favourites, as well as some new and interesting products, recently.

Flamingos seem to be having a moment (are they the pineapple of 2015?), and I have totally bought into it. I've got a flamingo print in the bedroom, wore a flamingo bikini on the beach this Summer, and now am eagerly anticipating waving my Pink Flamingo bubble wand in the bath. I've actually not tried the reusable bubble bars yet, and I don't know how I feel about having a soggy, half-used wand lying around the bathroom. We'll see. However, I do know how I feel about the rosewood and ylang ylang scent, and that is good.

On old favourite, harking back to my teenage years, is good old Buffy. Remember when it was called Buffy the Backside Slayer? I miss that name. I used this at the weekend and it was even better than I remembered, and left my skin so soft. It really helps with keratosis pilaris, so I go to town on my upper-arms with this one. 

Another exciting new product, which everyone has been talking about, is The Experimenter Bath Bomb. Described, pretty boldly in my opinion, as a bath-time motion picture, this promises a rainbow-vanilla-popping-candy extravaganza. It smells comforting, and I can't wait to let it brighten up an Autumn evening. 

The other bath bomb I picked up is yet another new addition, which makes the most of the demand for all things Arendelle. Frozen is a glittery blue treat that looks fit for a Snow Queen, and I have to admit it was the Elsa connotations that drew me to it. I really like the scent too though, and it wasn't the super-sweet princess fragrance I expected. It's sort of bright and fresh, but also earthy, and subtle rather than full-Disney-effect. If you like leafy, Summer-to-Autumn fragrances like Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay, I think you'd like this. 

Finally, my true love, Popcorn Lip Scrub. I love the scent and, let's not lie, the taste. I'm pretty loyal to this lip scrub and thought I should get a new one in, ready for the less forgiving shades of lipstick Autumn tends to bring! 

That ended up quite long! Have you tried any of the new bath products? Which one should I use first? 

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