Monday, 31 August 2015

Um, hello again.

You could say I got a bit of writer's block there, but given that it was a whole year, that'd be a bit simplistic. I definitely have a bit of writer's block now though, and it has taken months to build up the courage to come back. I'm not totally sure what I'm afraid of!

To explain. Last September, I was totally in love with blogging. It was my biggest hobby and something I truly felt proud of. Then lots of things seemed to happen at once. One was that work suddenly got a lot more time consuming. Another was that I had some pretty tricky health issues. Also I was planning a wedding. Something had to give, and I suppose the thing I did just for me, felt like something I could let slide for a while. But having taken so much pride in my blog, I hated feeling that I was being a 'bad blogger.' The shame! So I stopped blogging altogether. And then it felt too late to come back. 

Now my life is considerably less stressful. Work is still busy, but manageable. My health is much improved. I'm married! But blogging had left its mark on me, and I have felt a little unfilled without it. Kind of how I felt before I started blogging. It's taken an awful lot of husbandly-persuading, furtive Google Analytics-checking and deep breaths to get me back on here. But here I am. 

While I was gone, I kept up pretty religiously with all the other blogs I love, but stopped commenting, choosing to lurk silently behind my veil of bad-blogger-shame. I'd like to think the blogging community will understand. 

So...I'm back! Yay!

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