Sunday, 3 August 2014

Yes or No? Bronzing on a Budget

Make Up Revolution bronzer and Collection mosaic bronzer

It's officially bronzing season, and I have to admit, I've always been a little bronzer-phobic. Traumatised by too many shimmery, tacky monstrosities, I found my holy grail items and stuck to them resolutely. You can read all about them here. High-end was in, drugstore was out. But the fates (aka Make Up Revolution and Glossybox) were against my budget ban, and sent some cheap and cheerful bronzing products my way. It was time to put my years-old aversion to the test. 

collection bronze glow mosaic

Collection cosmetics and I don't exactly go together like fish and chips. I've tried, and been pretty underwhelmed by, their infamous concealer and never bothered to delve much deeper into their offerings, so it didn't exactly excite me to find the Bronze Glow Mosaic inside my Glossybox a few months back. Perhaps because I am olive-skinned anyway, this shade (2 - Radiant) didn't have a big bronzing effect on me. However, they certainly weren't lying when they named it glow! The powder is more finely milled than I had imagined from looking at it in the pan, and gives a subtle sheen. It looks lovely over the top of my make-up to give my complexion a lift, and isn't orange or glitterball-esque in the slightest, promise. It's not the longest-lasting powder, but for a cheap and cheerful glow it's a good bargain at £2.99, if you don't mind topping up later in the day. Collection, I may have misjudged you.

make up revolution ultra bronze glow

Make Up Revolution have a knack of making their budget products look more expensive than they are, and I was instantly impressed by the quilted, striped look of the Ultra Bronze Shimmer and Highlight*. I'm not totally sure why this product has the words shimmer and highlight in the title, as it does neither, and is the better for it. Three shades of almost-matte bronzer give you options here, and as it's nice and big you can comfortably fit your brush into each shade without picking up the next colour if you want to use them individually. Finely milled and soft, this applies really nicely, and I am impressed by the natural-looking light brown shade it produces when all three shades are swirled together - non-orange and subtle on my skintone. I also that you can use the darkest shade to contour, although in all honesty, nothing is going to replace Laguna in my heart. However, I am more inclined to carry this in my handbag and not worry about it smashing - at £4 it won't smash my heart with it. Hats off to you Make Up Revolution, you've impressed me again. 

I can't honestly say that I've had my head turned, and I still am loyal to me high-end holy grails. However, I can definitely see an improvement in the budget bronzer market from a few years ago, and can certainly find a place in my stash for these two. Do you splash out or bargain hunt when it comes to bronzers?


  1. I also have a bronzing-phobia mostly because I am a Pale Ghost (okay not really ghost as I do breathe but ya know!) and it's very hard to use bronzer in a natural way for me. Great Post!

  2. Haha, I am not even pale (I'm half-Indian!) and even I struggle to get it looking natural. I think it's because until recently, the high street make up brands tended to assume darker meant 'more orange' - not good for people with pale skin, or who are naturally a non-orange dark shade! xx

  3. I definitely have a bronzing-phobia as well. I don´t even want to imagine what I looked like in my early teen years (I am speaking of too dark powder and bright yellow & orange eyeshadow, not blended). But with two such bargains I might try those first. If I get into it I can still go for high end products like the ones you suggested in the other post.
    xx Lisa

    Following Lisa

  4. Haha, I think you have to make the mistakes and look a bit of a state in your early teens, in order to learn all the right lessons before you're grown up! I could never get a colour match for foundation, and seriously over-did the shimmery highlighter products! I'd definitely recommend the lighter shades of the Make Up Rev one as a good starting point (as you're not as dark skinned as me!), and as I said, the darker shade is a nice contour. xx


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