Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Out and About in Brighton

Brighton pier sign
Brighton beach and pier

We used to live in Brighton, and it is a place we just love to return to as it holds so many happy memories. I booked us a couple of nights there recently, and we were so lucky with the weather, enjoying the sunshine on the beach and warm evenings perfect for sitting outside with a few drinks. Of course I also insisted on a quick go on the 2p machines on the pier - it has to be done!

Brighton Carousel with seagulls on beach
brighton beach seagulls and carousel

 Once you learn to sleep through the sound of Brighton seagulls, you can sleep through anything. I have such a love/hate (or maybe, affection/fear) relationship with them!

frozen yoghurt with berries and honeycomb from lick
brighton pavillion through the trees

Old favourites like fro-yo for breakfast from Lick in the North Laines, a stop-off at Dave's Comics, and admiring the Pavillion were a must. I always loved the Pavillion, especially when we got engaged right in front of it one cold December night. 

la choza brighton
la choza brighton quesadilla
la choza brighton specials

 There's always something new to discover in Brighton, and we tried out some great places. Meat Liquor was too dark to photograph, but I did try to capture some of the flamboyant fun at La Choza. It was packed when we stopped off for lunch, so it was hard to take as many photos as I would have liked (there are so many fun trinkets and accessories in there, I was itching to get snap happy!), but I really loved the colourful Mexican-themed decor. Think sparkly skulls and garishly bright pictures of Mary in every corner, coupled with seriously delicious (and reasonably priced) burritos, tacos and quesadillas. 

brighton beach west pier

We had such a great couple of days, wandering around, popping into quirky little shops and catching up with old friends, that we almost forgot that we don't really live there any more. Every time I go back to Brighton, I just want to stay forever, and one day maybe we will. 


  1. Great pics hun! Might have to find the fro yo place next time I am in town - looks awesome! xx

  2. Visiting Brighton is on my to do list! Love this post & the photos are gorgeous :) x

  3. I used to go to Brighton all the time with my family when I younger.
    Haven't been in over a year but wish I went more often! I love Brighton <3
    Lovely post hun!

  4. Lovely photos - that restaurant looks lovely! I haven't been to Brighton in ages. I wish I was going soon!

    Rachael at

  5. It's lovely! Last time I went they had coconut yoghurt as their flavour of the day, and I am still thinking about it months later, it was so good! xx

  6. Thank you! You must pop down some time - it is so worth the journey, as there's nowhere quite like it, it just has so much personality! xx

  7. Thank you <3 It's such a great place, because you can have so much fun as a family with the pier and stuff, but then it's got so much to offer when you get a bit older too, with the shopping and nightlife. Basically it's perfect for anyone! xx

  8. Thank you! It was so delicious, we will definitely return for a burrito next time we visit Brighton! xx

  9. I'm going to brighton next weekend with my bestfriend, will deffo be getting one of those fro-yo's they look amazing! great post xx

  10. Looks so nice. I really want to visit Brighton x

  11. It's a great place, I'd definitely recommend a trip down if you get a chance! x

  12. They are so nice! I had coconut on mine both days - YUM. x

  13. You have lovely photos Amber! Xx

  14. Thank you Ella! Are you back from Venice? I can't wait to see your photos! xx

  15. I just arrived in Venice this morning and I've convinced myself that I want to live here. Haha

  16. Oh, I thought you were already on holiday! Well have a great time - sounds like you already are! Every time I go anywhere nice, I want to move there! xxx

  17. I went to Rome first then Venice today. Xx


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