Friday, 15 August 2014

Harry Potter Studio Tour Mini-Haul

So a few of you were asking to see what I bought in the frankly incredible shop at the Warner Bros Studio Tour (see my post and photos here), and as I aim to please, here we are! I know I said I went a bit cray, and it doesn't exactly look like I bought a hundred things, but if you've been to the tour yourself you'll know that the shop isn't only incredible, but incredibly expensive, so I did have to really restrict myself. I had my heart set on a Weasley jumper, but discovered that they were £70, so yeah, that didn't happen. I did however pick up plenty of equally unnecessary but fun bits and bobs, so let's have a peek. 

Harry Potter studios haul scarf unicorn

Once I'd had a little internal sob over the price of Weasley jumpers, I decided I still wanted to get some full-on Harry Potter clothing, and the sporty jersey t-shirt presented itself to me within moments (the t-shirt chooses the wizard, Mr Potter). I bought it purely because it had a big number seven on the front, and my class will be seven once term starts in September, so I figured this was perfect PE attire. It says Potter on the back, to make me feel extra cool. Annoyingly, the white bits of the numbers have peeled off a bit when I ironed this, despite the fact that it didn't say anywhere that it couldn't be ironed. Not too impressed with that. 

The next thing I spotted was the unicorn, which was an admittedly ridiculous purchase. Not for the reasons everyone else laughingly pointed out to me (e.g. 'you are an adult', and 'where will you keep it?'), but because it's not as recognisably Harry Potter as say, a Monster Book Of Monsters or a Pygmy Puff might have been. It's a standard unicorn. But I loved it, and had a moment of madness. Maybe I'll get the Monster book next time? 

I had to pick up a little something for the boyfriend (if only to soften the blow of having a girlfriend who returns home bearing a big fluffy unicorn), so bought him a Chocolate Frog. I love the packaging of these, and the frogs are huge, almost the size of my hand. He ate it before I could take any photos, but I loved that there was a card inside, to make you feel like a real wizard. I got Helga Hufflepuff, and the photo on the back is holographic so really moves!

On the way to the till, not content with the money I was already burning, I spotted the house scarves, and pretty delirious by this point, literally just picked up a Gryffindor one without thinking. I have no idea when I will wear this, but the perks of working in a primary school include being able to get away with this kind of nonsense from time to time. It's actually really nice quality, and feels snuggly and warm! 

I also picked up a photograph of myself, riding a broomstick. I have chosen not to share this with you all, as it is highly unflattering. I am hoping to go back again at Christmas, and much as I'd like to say I won't be so silly and spend too much money on more nonsense, I know in my heart that I will be buying a wand and possibly another ridiculous toy. I just like to have these things. I just hope my poor little heart can rest without a Weasley jumper in my life. Maybe I'll have to find someone who can knit, and get them to make me one...

Have you been on the studio tour? What did you buy from the shop? If you are planning to go, you definitely need to factor in an hour or so in the shop, as it is just a treasure trove of all things Harry Potter, and you'll want lots of time to marvel at everything on offer. It is super expensive though, so either be prepared to break your own heart being strict with yourself, or be prepared to break your own heart spending all your wages. Choose wisely!


  1. I really need to go here asap. Xx

  2. I got so silly there, it was just too exciting for me! You should SO go at Christmas time too see it all in the snow with the decorations up, that's my plan! xx

  3. Can I tag along with you please?

  4. YES! That would be such a fun day out! x

  5. Sam 'time chronicles'15 August 2014 at 17:20

    I need to book my tickets. Goin' to need a house scarf this winter. Lovely post.


  6. You must go! And I am going to wear my house scarf proudly to work - Gryffindor Pride! x

  7. ChristineIversen15 August 2014 at 22:24

    You picked up some really nice items, that shirt is really cute :-)

    I really want to go there, it looks like such a fun place to be. It was all sold out in July when I was in London on holiday :-/

    Christine, x

  8. Yes, it's best to book quite well in advance, as it does sell out a lot! I'm glad you liked the post, I am actually wearing that top now as I've had a lazy day at home and it is super comfy! xx

  9. £70.00 for a Weasley jumper?! Wow.
    When I finally get to bloody visit the studios I'll make sure I have plenty spending money then! haha
    Great haul of stuff though :) x

  10. I know! I was so shocked. If Mrs Weasley could have sold them for that price, they would not have been so poor. x

  11. I really wanted a Weasley jumper too, I almost got one but decided against in the end! I'm so tempted to visit the studios again, maybe in time for Christmas - I bet it would be extra magical then! xx

  12. That's what I want to do, because they do Hogwarts In the Snow and put all the decorations up and everything! x

  13. This. Is. So. Awesome. I really really really want to visit it someday. It's on top of my must-visit places. Someday, perhaps. *sigh*
    The chocolate frog's packing looks exactly like the one we saw in films. Wicked *in Ron's voice* I wonder how big the frog really was. And £70 for a jumper is so expensive. Crikey! Love the scarf and the jersey. Go Gryffindor! :D

    Love, Somdyuti

  14. It is truly fantastic, if you ever get the chance to go, you really must! I was impressed by the frog packaging too, the Bertie Botts beans were in really cute boxes as well! xx

  15. ChristineIversen21 August 2014 at 19:45

    It looks so comfortable :-D Definitely have to pick up a few things if I get a chance to visit :-)

  16. I'm going soon and reeeally wanted to pick up some things from the shop but I've heard so many people say it's so expensive! £70 for a weasley jumper!? It's such a shame as you already pay so much to get in and I'd love to buy some souvenirs! You got some lovely stuff, I love the top :)xx

    Pillarbox Post

  17. There are things that are more affordable, but yeah, the Weasley jumper depressed me a bit! I definitely think it's worth getting a few bits though! x

  18. Oh my goodness, what lovely choices! That scarf looks so snugly and toasty and the colour is gorgeous (I'd have picked Gryffindor as well). I know the unicorn isn't immediately recognisable as Harry Potter, but it is still a unicorn, and therefore amazing, haha!

    When I went I bought a huge Harry Potter book which is all about the making of the films, and has little replicas of the film props inside, like the Marauder's Map, and a pink pygmy puff! I also bought my boyfriend a keyring - he wanted something Harry Potter but something a bit more subtle than a pygmy puff ;)


  19. Ooh the book sounds great, I must keep that in mind for future visits as it sounds just like the sort of thing I would love to have! The pygmy puffs are so cute - I definitely want one of those! I don't regret the unicorn though - as you said, unicorns are never a bad thing! x

  20. Oh, God. I can relate to this post in so many ways. Having been to the Studio Tour lately and spending way too much money there is the story of my trip to London. I even bought Hermione´s wand. I have no idea what I´ll do with that but my inner fangirl couldn´t be stopped and that wand really is beautiful.
    I fell in love with the paintings shown at the end of the tour but that didn´t happen as well because I didn´t have 200 pounds just lying around...
    But the Tour and the Shop are amazing and I just wish I can go again.
    xx Lisa

    Following Lisa

  21. The Hermione wand is really lovely! I definitely want to get a wand next time. The paintings are just amazing there, I would spend a fortune in that shop if only I could! x


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