Sunday, 13 July 2014

Viktor and Rolf Bonbon

Viktor and Rolf Bon Bon perfume

If I'm honest, it had me at the bow-shaped bottle. As a long-time lover of Flowerbomb, the sexyfloral showstopper of a perfume that always gets compliments, I was already excited at the prospect of another perfume from Viktor and Rolf. So when I saw the gleaming beauty that is Bonbon, I was instantly in love. Luckily for me, my boyfriend pays attention so on my birthday, way back in May, I was thrilled find this waiting for me. 

It's a brave move, buying someone a perfume that they have never actually smelt, but fortunately the perfume lives up to its packaging and predecessor. If you loved the intensity of Flowerbomb, you'll appreciate Bonbon's full-force sweetness. Viktor and Rolf clearly don't do things by halves, and if you want something very subtle this isn't for you. This is a caramel explosion, warm and sweet to the extreme, but also somehow more grown-up and sexy than the girly bottle and name might suggest. It's hard to describe fragrances, but I'd say it's more like a creamy caramel dessert than the bon-bon sweeties it's named after. It isn't however, a sugar-overload, and jasmine and peachy notes break things up a little, along with other fruity treats like blackcurrant and tangerine. Sickly scents can give me a headache, but this doesn't. 

Viktor and Rolf mini Bonbon

Bonbon has totally won me over. It's as lovely on me as it looks on my dressing table, and it's as addictive as it's predecessor. Are you a Viktor and Rolf fan?

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