Monday, 21 July 2014

This Week's Loves

Lilies with cake pop lollies and macarons

I've received some beautiful cards and presents this week, which have made me do some fairly massive smiles. I had to share this gorgeous bouquet of lilies with you - they are not only totally huge and beautiful, but nestled in with the blooms were macarons and white chocolate heart lollies. What an adorable idea! 

Sausage dog pink notebook and sausage dog picture in frame

I've been hankering for a puppy for the longest time, and am particularly keen on the idea of a little sausage. For now, I'll just keep buying stuff with them on! I love this handmade little picture in a frame - it's going on my bedroom wall. The notebook was from Tesco, reduced to £3, and I've been writing all my blog ideas and lists in there. 

The List of My Desires paperback book with button cover

I've been reading The List of My Desires by GrĂ©goire Delacourt, a sweet, short novel about a middle-aged woman in France who runs a haberdashery shop and a blog, and doesn't quite know what to do when she wins the Euromillions. It's translated from French, and has apparently been a huge hit across Europe. Aside from a slightly skewed idea about how quickly blogs grow and become profitable, I'm quite enjoying it and it's beautifully written. 

Tortoiseshell cat on sofa with blanket and cushion

Lastly, and always, I've been loving snuggling up with my favourite little monster. She's loved having me at home this week, and I've been getting bombarded with affection, purrs and the odd loving bite.


  1. Your kitty is such a cutie! You probably already know this, but I always have to mention it to cat owners, just in case: be sure to keep lilies WELL away from your cat, as even the tiniest amount can be deadly to cats :(
    Lucky you receiving such lovely things! x

  2. Oh I know - she's a monster and would eat any leaves if given the chance! I don't buy lilies myself, but at times like this I just have them in the bedroom and don't let her in for the week. She doesn't like being banished but it's for her own good! x


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