Sunday, 6 July 2014

Snippets From The Week

This week hasn't been my favourite. There's been a lot of stressed out people, and a lot of stressful situations, and it's left me a little exhausted. However, there's always a bright side, so each day this week I took a picture of something lovely.

On Friday I whipped out an all-time-love of a handbag, and some new sparkly shoes for my work's do. Perfect Summer accessories, if I say so myself. 

On Thursday I found pretty inspiration in this cute book I ordered from Amazon a while ago. I really want to make the lacy pancakes one morning for a breakfast treat. 

On Wednesday someone must have known I needed cuddles, as this little face didn't leave my side all evening, all padding paws and purrs. 

Stepping back another day to Tuesday, which was marked by the arrival of this beautiful Boden dress. Now the sun needs to shine so I can wear it!

And on Monday, which feels like an awfully long time ago, I switched my phone case back over to this one. It gets mixed reactions, but I love it! 

I hope you've had a nice week, filled with lovely things that made you smile. 

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