Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Sleek MakeUP Del Mar iDivine Eye Shadow Palette

I've been meaning to try a Sleek palette for some time, and had my eye on a few of the more neutral, shimmery palettes such as Storm and Eden. However, when a limited edition Ibiza-inspired palette invited me to step out of my comfort zone, I had to go for it. The last time I bought something purely on the basis that it was named after Ibiza, I discovered my favourite glitter polish ever, so I considered that a good omen. 

For under £8, I was impressed with this palette from the start. The box's Ibiza-at-sunset vibe really caught my attention, and  on the back of the box are tips about how to use the colours, which is a nice touch. I also really like the simple black packaging of the palette itself. Sleek use a very NARS-esque material for their packaging, which does look grubby quite quickly, but when it's clean it does look great.  Inside are twelve eye shadows, alongside a nice big mirror and a frankly useless applicator (I wish budget brands would either start including a brush or just not bother, but never mind, it's not like I don't have plenty of brushes I can use). 

The shadows themselves are all of a good quality. Like all Sleek make-up they have excellent pigmentation, and I find them to be soft and really blendable. There's a real mix here of neutrals and brights, mattes and shimmers. It's nice to have a palette with such a broad selection of shades, as I am used to palettes such as the Nakeds, which whilst being fantastic, don't exactly offer a huge amount of variety. 

All of these shades say Summer to me - from the corals and oranges of an Ibizan sunset, to the teals and deep blues of the Mediterranean sea - and I feel like this would be a great palette to take on holiday as it offers more subtle daytime shades, as well as the kind of colours that could be used to create some bold night-time looks. The shimmery gold-neutral Lounge Lovers is a shade I can see myself using loads, both across the lid with the matte Talamanca adding definition to my crease, and as an inner-corner highlight. Sunset Strip is a beautifully vibrant orange shade, that is a lot more wearable than I expected; I have been experimenting wearing it with a little On the Rocks on the outer corner. Blue Marlin is also far more wearable than your average blue. The only shade that disappointed me was Chilled Out, which is a little chalky and doesn't apply as nicely as the others. However, I am too impressed with the other shades to mind too much. 

If you fancy experimenting with a few brighter colours, this is a great step in. Affordable enough that you won't feel racked with guilt if you don't use it every day, and wearable enough that you just might be able to, it's a lovely little set of shades to have in your stash, or indeed your hand-luggage. Now I just want to book a flight! 

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