Saturday, 14 June 2014

Review: Sleek Blush in Rose Gold

I'm shopping my stash to show you a much-loved, blogger-hyped favourite of mine today. Their Rose Gold blush was the first purchase I ever made from Sleek, and was the beginning of a real love for the high-quality budget brand. 

Having long given up on high street blushes (hello, rubbish Bourjois blush pots), I didn't know what to expect, but was quickly impressed. The packaging is a cut above its drugstore rivals, from the simple black exterior (often compared to NARS), to the handy, large mirror inside. It's really compact, so excellent for popping in your handbag or for travel.  

The product itself is even better. Like all Sleek blushes, it's highly pigmented and incredibly fine for easy blending. I do use a very light hand to apply this, as it is not hard to go overboard with such a pigmented product.  It has decent staying power too, lasting well on my cheeks for 7+ hours. That may be a step behind the likes of NARS, but this cost £4.99, so I'm not complaining. The shade is the most coveted and discussed of their entire line, and it is easy to see why. Rose Gold is a beautifully bright, coral-toned pink, with lots of light-reflecting gold. In the pan, it looks very pink indeed, but when swatched the gold becomes far more apparent, always remaining illuminating rather than glittery. There is no powdery fall-out, as can be the case with shimmery products, and the effect is never sparkly. Rose Gold won't make you look like a discoball, instead just eliminates the need for highlighter, as it is practically built-in. I often get compliments when wearing this blush; just the other week my mum was asking how I had such a golden glow! 

Probably because of the golden shimmer, Rose Gold is compared endlessly to NARS Orgasm. I personally own and use both, which means in my eyes, it isn't a dupe (or I would only need to have one). I find that Orgasm looks a lot pinker on my cheeks, and although it does have a golden sheen, it is far more subtle and translates to a healthy glow on the cheeks. I don't have to be careful with my application, as it deposits just the right amount for a rosy flush, day or night. Rose Gold however, as you can see from the swatches, gives a more dramatic effect and may need blending out for a subtle daytime look. It leans far more gold, which means it looks fabulous for catching the last of the sunlight on summer evenings. Both have a place in my stash, and although I love Orgasm more, when my Rose Gold runs out I will most certainly be happy to pay under £5 to replace it. 

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