Sunday, 22 June 2014

New Love Alert: L'Oreal 3 for 2 on Base Products

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a girl in possession of a beauty blog cannot simply leave Boots with one item. All I wanted was the Lumi Magique primer, having heard many raves about its glow-giving properties, but the sign was up, bearing those magic words '3 for 2 on L'Oreal Base Products', and I don't need to tell you what happened next. 

The Lumi Magique Primer was a good choice, a seriously luminising base for your base. It is quite runny, so a pump is usually enough for me to either cover my face or mix into my foundation. It comes out very white, but sinks in beautifully, leaving the skin looking almost pearly. I can't say it makes foundation application any nicer, or that it makes it last any longer that I've noticed, but it does look very pretty so gets a thumbs up from me. 

My second item was an easy pick, as I've been a bit concealer obsessed lately as I've been trying to deal with dark circles for the first time in my life. The Lumi Magique Highlighter Concealer is very clearly trying to be YSL Touche Eclat, it's even copied it's outfit. Unlike the YSL, it is marketed as a concealer (though that's what everyone uses Touche Eclat for, right?), and that's the only use I have for it, except the odd bit of nose-bridge highlighting. The twist-bottom and brush applicator work well, and although I still find myself patting it in a little with my finger, I don't mind and it saves me faffing around with another brush. The coverage is a little heavier than it's higher-end friend, and it doesn't crease or settle into fine lines, thankfully. I love the finish this gives, through a combination of coverage and illuminating properties, it brightens up the area and disguises tired looking eyes without being heavy on them. Basically, I'm in love. My only criticism? This comes in two shades, Light and Medium, which says it all really. What about darker-skinned people L'Oreal?

I actually struggled to make three, as although I was happy enough to try out the Lumi Magique Concealer, I didn't much fancy anything else. In the end, I opted for the Nude Magique Eau De Teint foundation, mainly because everyone says it's an Armani dupe. I had my usual drugstore rigmarole of trying to find something close to my skintone, and came away with a half-decent (if a little pink-toned) match. Again, come on L'Oreal (and drugstore brands in general), five shades is not enough! Shade match aside, I was pleasantly surprised by this product, not expecting to like something so light. 

The first thing that impressed me was the bottle, which is admittedly minute, but really cute and I like the frosted glass, although annoyingly it has no pump. The formula within is the runniest foundation I've ever encountered, and I was very sceptical indeed about this offering any coverage at all. However, although the coverage is light, it is certainly there which makes this quite a nice daytime base if your skin is in a good condition. If you aren't a fan of a very made-up look, this could be for you, as it does look pretty much invisible once on, and when applying it feels unbelievably light, almost like water. It's like micellar foundation! I expected to use half the bottle to cover my face, but actually only needed a very small amount. The texture means it won't be for everyone, and I seem to be loving it some days and really not on others, but I do think it's worth a try if you fancy an undetectable base for the no-make-up look this Summer. 

Considering I'd never tried any base products from L'Oreal before, I'd consider this little splurge a success, and I am definitely keen to try out a few more bits from the range. Let me know if you have any more recommendations!

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