Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette (aka The One With The Dreamy Skin)

Don't blame me, okay? Blame the blogging world in general by making me think I need these things. Blame it on Ella from Every Little Thing 07 for reviewing the Dim Lighting powder and making me obsess over it. Blame it on the lady in Space NK who referred to me by name, and said this would look amazing on me. Just know that really, when you think about it,  I had no choice. This was meant to be mine, and I had to buy it. 

But just look at it! The sleek packaging, that shiny case. Look how those three little wonders actually glow from within the palette. Are you telling me I should have resisted that? If it glows like that in the palette, you can imagine what this does to your skin...

I have no regrets. These three little beauties are the most charming addition to my stash, and I am so glad I went for the trio. I couldn't choose between Dim Light (left) and Radiant Light (right), and although it costs more per gram to buy them this way, it's worth it, I feel for the convenience of having them in one palette. Plus, you get the not-sold-separately Incandescent Light (centre), which is a real stunner.

Honestly, I think some sort of sorcery went into the making of these powders. They are like nothing I have ever used, in that they don't look shimmery or sparkly in the slightest, but still manage to make my skin luminous and glowing. It is genuinely like being under some soft-focus lighting. Hourglass say this is like having your own personal lighting technician, and amazingly, they are telling the truth. Witchcraft. 

Dim Light is a natural, beige-peach-y shade. It's so finely milled and satiny, perhaps the perfect highlighting powder for people who are afraid of shimmer! I use this as an all-over finishing powder, and as soon as I put it on my skin looks instantly radiant, plus it seems to magically blur away imperfections. I don't have very noticeable pores, but I know many people have said it makes theirs less visible, which is incredible. It doesn't look powdery at all, and instead, once blended out, makes it look like I'm wearing less make-up, giving my skin a more natural-looking glow after I've used foundation etc. 

Incandescent Light is the most traditional highlight shade, and contains the most shimmer. Pale and pearly, this gives the skin a luminous sheen, without looking like you are wearing a highlighter. I often prefer liquid highlighters, as I find powder ones can look too glittery, but this is so finely-milled, it is almost undetectable on my cheekbones. 

Radiant Light is a golden-bronze shade, and contains golden particles, though is less shimmery than Incandescent Light. This can be used as a highlighter, or you could use it to contour. I have tried both, and I also like it over a matte contour bronzer to add a bit more dimension and glow. I love how warm this shade is, and although I am not usually a big fan of shimmer in bronzers, again this is so subtle and finely-milled, it really is more like being under a soft-focus light. This is so perfect for Summer, and I imagine I'll end up using it even more as an all-over bronzer when I've got a bit of a tan. 

I am truly mesmerised by the Ambient Lighting Palette, and I am now dying to try out the blushes from Hourglass' range. I can't believe how soft, subtle and yet effective these powders are, and if you fancy a bit of a treat, I couldn't recommend this trio highly enough. Can you tell I'm in love?

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