Sunday, 11 May 2014

The Spring to Summer Lipstick: MAC Speak Louder

I've tended to talk about newer additions to my stash on this little blog so far, mostly because I am always excited by whatever recent finds I have snapped up. Lately though, I've been getting excited about an old favourite of mine, so decided to shop my stash and tell you about the lipstick that I find absolutely perfect for this time of year.

Enter MAC Speak Louder. I don't think I've ever read another review of this, and it deserves a little blog loving. This lipstick is the perfect poppy blue-based pink; just bright enough to make your teeth look pearly white, not so bright as to be inappropriate for daytime/work. It's like the slightly subdued little sister of the bright, almost neon lips that always seem to become popular on Summer nights. I know it's bright, and beautifully so, but trust me, it is totally wearable. The fact that it is a Cremesheen helps, the slightly glossy formula keeps things looking soft, and makes for a comfortable couple of hours of wear. It may not stay put all day long, but it fades evenly and is low-maintenance to reapply. I have had this lipstick for years, and fall back in love with it every Spring - I know I'll repurchase forever. 

Have you tried Speak Louder? Do you have an old faithful lipstick that always makes an appearance at this time of year?

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