Friday, 30 May 2014

May Favourites

This month has felt like the longest of my life - looking back at April's favourites to see what I'd been using since then felt like looking back about six months! It's a mixed bag for you today of old and new loves, skincare, make-up and haircare. Let's go!

My skin has been enjoying the light almost gel-like formula of Vichy's Normaderm which, according to the label, offers anti-ageing, anti-imperfection, anti-wrinkle resurfacing care courtesy of my skin's favourite ingredient, glycolic acid. This is tinted a light green colour, which helps with any redness making it a great base for make-up in the mornings. An incredibly short flight to Copenhagen a few weeks ago wreaked an amazing amount of havoc with my skin, and this has really helped it to recover. Caudalie Beauty Elixir was also invaluable on that trip, for a spritz or two in the airport and to keep my skin refreshed on long days of Eurovision fever. I know the scent isn't for everyone, but I love it. It was on that same trip that I had forgotten my lipbalm, so took the opportunity to pick up a little globe of sweet, minty loveliness from eos. The packaging really is so adorable; I wish I had picked up a couple more flavours for popping in various handbags.

My hair has been looking sleek and smelling amazing courtesy of Aveda's Smooth Infusions Style-Prep smoother. My hairdressers' is an Aveda salon, so the scent of any of their products immediately makes me feel like I'm being pampered in a salon, not just at home in my bedroom. This smoother has been a favourite for years, and is a saviour when it comes to fighting the drizzle-induced frizz I've been dealing with lately. It really gives my hair a lovely, weightless gloss.  

Make-up wise I've been loving an old and a new product, both from Benefit, a brand I have recently got back into. The old favourite is my Benefit Watts Up, which I've been meaning to review for a while. I bought this some time last year, and absolute love using it just after my foundation and before any contouring/blush, for a glow that reminds me of dim, soft lighting. Plus I love the packaging - having my highlighter on a stick is so handy. My newest Benefit love is They're Real Mascara, a mascara with serious impact and staying power. I wasn't sure for the first couple of uses, but once I had got the hang of the spiky brush and wet-but-oddly-quick-to-dry formula, I fell in love. My mum, not really a mascara girl, took one look at me wearing it and genuinely asked if my lashes were false. When I said no, she bought the mascara that week! If that little anecdote doesn't convince you, nothing will!

Have you tied any of my latest favourites?

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