Monday, 5 May 2014

Manicure Monday - Orange Is The New Pink

So now Easter has happened and we've found ourselves in May, I'm starting to gravitate towards transitional Spring-to-Summer colours. Everyone, myself included, has gone wild for orange-hued lip products this year, but in the last week or so I have been tearing myself away from the pastel polishes and plumping for a bit of orange on my tips too. 

Barry M Tangerine is super bright, with a beautiful subtle shimmer running through it. This looks amazing with a tan, and although the formula is pretty thin, making it streaky on the first coat, a second coat sorts it right out. 

Equally bright, but shimmer-free, is Essie's Fear and Desire. This is actually on my nails right now, and is even brighter in real life than it looks in my swatches, probably because being on actual nails and having a topcoat really emphasises the colour. This polish has such a glossy finish, you could almost skip the topcoat, though I never would. 

The lightest of the bunch is Model's Own Zest A Peal, which is a bit like the paler, sparklier sister of the Barry M offering. I don't wear this often enough, and plan on getting it on my nails as soon as my Essie starts to chip, as the fine shimmer is really beautiful.

Finally, a little OPI polish that came in a set, and annoyingly has no name. I love the shade of this, as it's a little darker and more red than the others, making it a good choice for anyone who wants to try out the orange look but in a safer option. From the swatches I have seen, Big Hair, Big Nails from their Texas collection looks similar.

 Are you a fan of orange nails? I have been realised that they go with more outfits than I had expected, and look amazing with navy! 

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