Sunday, 25 May 2014

Make Up Revolution Eye Shadow Palette in Essential Matte

So, before the little personal-life induced reluctant blog break I took, I promised a review of a Make Up Revolution palette I had just bought. I may be two weeks late, but I'm sure you'll let me off, just this once.

You might remember from my haul post that the brand had neither disappointed me terribly, nor blew me away with their cheek and lip offerings. Blogland has however been going crazy over their palettes, with the majority of posts featuring one of their Iconic palettes, which seem to be basically Naked dupes. I didn't want a dupe of a palette I already had, so went for the Essential Matte palette, because I didn't have an all-matte palette in my stash despite it sounding pretty, well, essential. 

The packaging is pretty much what you'd expect for £4; basic and kind of flimsy. I don't think anyone buys a palette for under a fiver for its packaging though, so we'll move past it swiftly. The contents are the key here, and at a first glance I was pretty impressed. A great array of muted shades, perfect for a bit of crease contouring. Happy to ignore the sponge-ended applicator provided (so many bonus points would have been given for a half-decent brush), I dived straight in, and used a shade from the palette the day I got it, adding a bit of definition to my crease with the sixth shade along, a chocolatey brown. Highly pigmented and it blended beautifully - I was excited to get swatching. 

As you can see from the photo below, they didn't all live up to the expectation set by the first shade I tried. Many of the shades are too chalky to be usable, and some just vanish within half an hour of application. The good ones however, are easily worth the price of the palette even if they were on their own. I'd happily pay £4 for the first shade I tried, as well as for the eight and eleventh shades along. The fifth along is fairly good as well. So although for me this palette had more misses than hits, overall I'd still say it was worth the money. 

make up revolution palette essential matte swatches
make up revolution palette essential matte

 Are you a fan of Make Up Revolution's palettes? 

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