Wednesday, 28 May 2014

MAC Crew Highlight Powder

As you've probably noticed, a new little website has taken the blogging world by storm with its incredible weekly discounts on the kind of products that are sure to send beauty fanatics into overdrive. I'm talking Naked palettes, NARS blushes, MAC lipsticks...the good stuff. Of course, that website is Cohorted, the social shopping site that gives bigger discounts as more people order an item. As one of this weeks cohorts is a repeat of a product I snagged the other week, I thought I'd give you my thoughts on MAC's Crew Highlight powder.

The stripy little beauty that is the Crew Highlight Powder was part of MAC's Hey, Sailor! collection in Summer 2012, so is no longer available to buy in stores. That was what did it for me; I cannot resist the words 'Limited Edition'. At a glance, I assumed the nautical stripes were an overlay, and that the beige colour was the main shade here. I appear to have been mistaken, and the beige is actually the overlay, meaning the three shades of the stripes - a coral, a medium-toned pink and a beautiful lilac -  run all the way through the product. They blend together beautifully with a quick swirl of a brush, and create a subtle pink that in different lights can lean slightly peachier. 

The finish is stunning; satiny and pearly, and ever-so-slightly luminous, which must be how it came to be called a Highlight Powder (because let's be clear here, this is a blush, not a highlighter). Despite looking very pigmented in my swatch, I would say that the colour is quite sheer, and very buildable. You could very easily build up to the colour shown in the photo, but you wouldn't need to worry about over-doing it, as it goes on as a light flush of colour. This is such an easy, pretty colour for Summer. 

Despite being unavailable to buy in MAC shops/counters now, Cohorted are selling these this week. When I bought it last time, I believe it was £17.50, but this time it is £14 (44% off RRP), a real bargain for MAC. 

Have you snapped up any Cohorted bargains? I've been terrible and bought loads!

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