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Haul: Make Up Revolution, with reviews and swatches!

Make Up Revolution Haul Palette Blush Highlighter Lipstick

Unless you've been living in a cave, you'll have heard of Make Up Revolution, the super-cheap new brand on the beauty block, that bloggers are going crazy for. In all honesty, it's not my usual kind of thing - I'm a big sucker for pretty packaging and a total fool for ad campaigns - but with everyone and their grandma raving about the brand, and throwing around phrases like "high end quality for a pound!" I had to give it a go. My whole order came to less than £10, so I thought of it as a little beauty experiment. 

I was determined to pick up one of their much-hyped eyeshadow palettes, but didn't want to get the Naked dupes (Make Up Revolution call them Iconic 1, 2 and 3) as I already have the real thing. Instead I opted for the Essential Matte palette, because it seemed like a handy thing to have in my stash. I am planning on doing a full review of that with swatches, so keep your eyes peeled next week if you're interested! 

I picked up two cheek products, the first a powder blush in the shade Treat. I really like the colour of this, a pretty peachy coral shade, which I thought would be ideal for this time of year. I have mixed feelings on the blush really - you'll see from the swatch below that the colour is genuinely lovely, but it is a little powdery compared to the blushes I usually use. That said, it's definitely not bad, and is highly pigmented (which is more than can be said for the Bourjois blushes I have tried), and although the wear time is not brilliant (around 3-4 hours), what more could I ask for from a £2 blush? I had similar feelings about the highlighter I bought, in the shade Peach Lights. Dubious appearance aside (please tell me it's not just me - just look at it!), it's really a very pretty colour and although it can look a little iridescent for my taste in bright lights, does a great job and is again, very pigmented. And although it's not the best powder highlighter I have used by a very long way, for £3, how could I expect it to be? 

Make Up Revolution Photo Vivid Highlighter Peach Lights
Make Up Revolution Photo Vivid Highlighter Peach Lights Blusher Treat Swatches

 I've tried to be as reasonable as possible when reviewing these products, taking the price into account and not expecting NARS quality for Poundland prices. That said, I am really disappointed with this lipstick, as I had heard fantastic reviews of them. The shade itself, Divine, is beautiful and another peachy coral (clearly I was feeling the coral love that day!), which I was thrilled with at first sight. Until I tried to put it on. It's dense, dragged on my lips, looked patchy and uneven and felt totally uncomfortable. I took it off. I tried again the next day, having thoroughly prepped my lips. Still no good. I know it was a pound, but I've had Rimmel lipsticks from Fragrance Direct for that price that are among my favourites. I hate to give a totally negative review, and in fairness, it may be a dud shade - the others could be as incredible as many bloggers have claimed them to be - but I would not recommend this particular product. 
Make Up Revolution Amazing Lipstick Divine
Make Up Revolution Amazing Lipstick Divine Swatch

Overall, I do believe that Make Up Revolution offers exceptionally good value for money. I have definitely tried worse blushes and eyeshadows that cost far more. That said, I don't buy into the hype of 'high-end quality for a few pounds', as I truly did not consider any of these products to be on a par with the high-end brands I love. If you fancy experimenting a bit on a budget, I'd say go for it, but be realistic with your expectations. I don't think I'll order anything else from the website, but if I see their stand in Superdrug, I will go and have a look and would definitely consider picking something up if I had seen it in the flesh and knew it was nice. 

Have you caved to the hype and placed a Make Up Revolution order? Was it everything you hoped it would be? 

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