Wednesday, 9 April 2014

My first venture into Soap & Glory Make Up

soap and glory review kick-ass concealer glow all out the nudist
As much I liked Soap and Glory's body, bath and shower products, until very recently I had yet to put any of their stuff on my face. Their branding is a bit hit and miss for me, and much as I like the pink girly packaging of their body products, I look for something a bit different in make up. I don't love Benefit's branding either, I think I tend to like very sleek or very pretty high-end products the most. As you'll know if you saw my haul the other week, that all changed when a woman at a Bobbi Brown counter tried to convince me that I could not hope to conceal a dark circle without spending a minimum of £45, and annoyed me so much that I decided to try the Kick Ass Concealer instead. It was 3 for 2, so you can guess what happened next.

The Kick Ass Concealer itself, I am pretty impressed with. In all honesty, it is not The One and I still plan on getting that Bobbi Brown one, because I can't bear not  knowing (do other people get like this?). However, it was only about £8, and you get three steps of concealment in one nifty little compact, complete with mirror. Step 1, the main reason I got this, is a decent under-eye concealer with pinky tones, that does a great job of covering my dark circles. It does crease a lot if I use it under foundation, but if I use an eye cream and my foundation first it is fine. A smidge of Benefit's Stay Don't Stray and it...stays and doesn't stray, basically. It also has a brightening effect, which apparently is down to LightScrambling technology. Me neither. Step 2 is a concealer for blemishes, with a more yellowy tone. I am less excited by this, but then I have never been that excited by any blemish concealer in my life, so don't take it personally, S&G. Finally, Step 3 is on the top layer, and is a little pressed power with a tiny, adorable (yes, I find make-up adorable) powder puff for setting. This kit has everything you need for on-the-go concealment, and I am glad to have it in my arsenal. 

I bought the Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Nudist, basically because Fleur de Force talks about it so much! I am beyond thrilled with it; not only is the formula non-sticky and hydrating, but the my-lips-but-loads-better colour is gorgeous. I can be picky about overly-sweet smelling lip products, but I love the chocolatey-vanilla scent of this. Big thumbs up. It has become my new favourite workday handbag essential.

Finally, I had trouble choosing my third, free item. I pondered over the brow products, but they didn't look too exciting, and I didn't want any more lipsticks/glosses. In the end, I went for Glow All Out, an illuminating powder in a flattering peachy shade. They didn't have the tester in the shop, so I took a risk and just bought it (I know, I'm wild). I may not be in love with the cardboard packaging, but I am loving its contents. This definitely isn't a highlighter, but unlike Soap and Glory, I would not recommend using it as an all-over face power - it may not be particularly shimmery, but you really would be glowing all out. A little dusting on the cheekbones and brow bone however, is really lovely and gives a sort of soft-focus glow, like Instagram. 

I am certainly open to trying more from Soap and Glory's make-up line, and feel silly for ignoring it for so long! I am really getting into a bit of drugstore make up lately, having always been more of a high-end girl. Are there any other products I need to try, Soap and Glory or otherwise? 

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