Monday, 21 April 2014

Manicure Monday: Nails Inc Sprinkles - Pudding Lane

Nails Inc Pudding Lane
Nails Inc Pudding Lane review

I'm sure you'll have seen the speckled egg nail polishes that have been doing the blog rounds this Spring, which despite really wanting to, I couldn't love. They did however, remind me of a speckly favourite of my own, a polish that I've had in my stash for some time. Based not on mini eggs, but sprinkles, Nails Inc Pudding Lane is from their Sprinkles line which launched a couple of years ago. I love that they managed to stick to London street names when finding sweet-themed names for this collection! I kind of thought a polish called Pudding Lane would have red and gold shades though, as it was the location of the Great Fire of London. 

I don't have anything quite like Pudding Lane in my stash, with it's milky blue base and glitter mix of navy and gold. I love that a polish can be this loaded with glitter, without being a discoball; the glitter is slightly matte, making the polish totally wearable for everyday. 

The formula is really nice too, and applies beautifully. I've had this for at least a couple of years now, and although it is starting to thicken, it is by no means getting gloopy. I used two coats with no top coat for my pictures here (as I always do for nail photos, in the interests of fairness), but if you want a smooth finish you will need to use a topcoat to gloss things over, as you can feel the texture of the glitter without one. You can probably see that just from looking at the swatches! 
Nails Inc Pudding Lane swatch
Nails Inc Pudding Lane swatch

Although the Sprinkles line is now discontinued, the Nails Inc website are still selling a few of the polishes at a discounted price, so you do have a final chance to grab this one. I may even treat myself to one more from the range...

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