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Review: Lulu's Time Bomb Trouble Shooter Neck Jaw and Chest Cream

lulu's time bomb neck jaw chest cream

Okay, so I may only be 23, but I am firmly in the prevention-before-cure camp when it comes to skincare, and am already taking into account anti-ageing qualities in some of the products I buy. My neck is one area I have always taken scrupulous care of, ever since I read in my mid-teens that the neck has very few oil glands, and so many women have lovely skin on their face but a crepe-y neck once they get old. Keen to steer clear of crepe, I always double moisturised my neck, doing it whenever I did my face or my body. However, for the last couple of months I have been using Lulu's Time Bomb's Trouble Shooter, a cream formulated especially for the neck, jaw and chest area. 
Lulu's Time Bomb Trouble Shooter review

If you are unfamiliar with the brand, Lulu's Time Bomb is a range of anti-ageing products created by Lulu. As in, "you make me wanna shout!" - that Lulu. I am not usually one to buy products from celebrity ranges, but these have been pretty well-received. Plus, my nana let me have this, as she had ordered it but wasn't using it (too loyal to her current brands!). My nana has far more beauty products than me, and indeed most small branches of Boots. Anyway, the range is available on QVC, and I would highly recommend shopping with them as their discounts and returns policy are excellent.

The first thing really worth mentioning is the packaging. I like the box, with its large lettering and bold promises, and I was really pleasantly surprised by the silver sphere within. Shaping it like a little bomb is a nice touch, and I liked the little numbers all the way around. 

The cream itself is really lovely. It feels a little thicker than the creams I usually use on my face, but not as thick as a body butter. It's a just-right consistency, that soaks quickly into my skin and leaves no stickiness whatsoever. My skin seriously absorbs this stuff like it's thirsty, and it really shouldn't be considering how much I have always moisturised it! The smell is really refreshing too, I think it is eucalyptus, but it isn't overly strong - I'm not left feeling like I've put Vicks vapo-rub on my neck! I also find it really hydrating and smoothing, which is probably down to the hyaluronic acid it contains; layered over Hydraluron, it has great moisturising power, and if I put in on before bed my neck does feel lovely and soft in the morning. 

I don't pretend to be any kind of expert in skincare, and I don't know if the ingredients list would make Caroline Hirons dance for joy or weep. Furthermore, I'm not really old enough yet to say if it really does reverse the ageing process. I can say, however, that it's a product I will be continuing to use, as I do feel that it has improved the skin on my neck, which feels smoother and sort of plumper. It is also, I personally think, a decent and affordable price for what it is (and means I don't have to use my more expensive face cream on my neck and d├ęcolletage!).

lulu's time bomb neck jaw chest cream review

Do you use any particular cream for your neck or d├ęcolletage? Or do you just do those areas when you do your face or body?

Lulu's Time Bomb Trouble Shooter Neck, Jaw and Chest Cream (£33) available from QVC.

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