Sunday, 13 April 2014

Lovely Little Wedding: The Weddings That Never Were

When I got engaged on a cold December night outside Brighton Pavillion three years ago, I knew exactly what kind of wedding I wanted. We'd get married back home, even though I imagined we'd still (and forever) live in Brighton.  It would take place just before Christmas, my favourite time of year, with white pumpkin centrepieces on the tables.There would be a cake from Choccywoccydoodah, to bring a Brighton touch to the proceedings, and creme brulee for pudding. I would get ready at my mum and dad's, and wake up in my old bedroom to have eggs florentine in the dining room, while we waited for our hairdressers, who we've used for eight years now, to arrive. Everything would be white, with plenty of sparkle. I even dared to dream that it might snow.
wedding mood inspiration board winter wedding white pumpkins
Unfortunately, the only image I could source was the flowers, as Pinterest/Tumblr can be naughty like that.
After I decided to train as a teacher, and we left Brighton to move nearer to our families, I started to worry that a Christmassy wedding would be tricky for someone who cannot pick and choose days off work. The Summer gives me six weeks off, so that would be a far more convenient time to marry. I must admit it was with a heavy heart that I waved goodbye to my Wintry wedding dreams. 

My next plan was to go for an old-fashioned countryside fairytale. I'd settled into my country-bumpkin life, and loved the idea of doing it all ourselves, in the village we live in (or at least very near to it). We even toyed with the idea of marrying in the little old village church, but not being religious, it didn't feel right. I wanted, in the absence of a stunning and enormous barn, a beautiful marquee in one of our neighbours' fields. I still liked the idea of a Choccywoccydoodah cake. I wanted pretty pastel colours, an ice cream van and a hog roast. I imagined arranging colourful flowers in mason jars, and my hair. Basically, I had recently discovered Pinterest. Most of all, I had actual dreams about bunting. 
wedding mood inspiration board summer english wedding
Sources I could find: flowers, watering can and more flowers.
As well as dreams about bunting, I had nightmares about rain, and a brief spell working in a wedding venue made me realise just how difficult, not to mention expensive, it would be to make some of these dreams realities. The idea of working that hard, and spending all that money, just to get rained on, was too much to bear, so I began to think of alternatives.

As you may know if you read this blog often, or follow me on Twitter, we eventually decided to let me live out my mermaidy dreams, and get married abroad. I get the sea, which I miss so much, the sun is almost certain to shine down on us, and we get to have a really special holiday/party with everyone we love. I never imagined that my idea of the perfect wedding would change so much, but I am totally happy and excited about the wedding we are planning. With the venue booked and the date set for next year, I hope and know the time will fly, and I can't wait!

I'm thinking of doing the odd wedding post as our plans develop, so le me know if you if you'd like to read that sort of thing! Do you have a clear picture in your mind of your dream wedding?

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