Sunday, 6 April 2014

Life lately.

I've been listing ideas for the blog, planning posts, and generally trying to overcome the slight bloggers' block I've been having. I am almost certain that using beautiful stationary helps, and I love my Lola Rose notebook.

You'd need a heart of ice (see what I did there?) to not love Frozen, and I have been impatiently awaiting the DVD release since I saw it at the cinema. I've watched it alone, I've watched it with my sister and I'm even taking it to work this week to watch it there. It's just so adorable and funny, I think it's one of Disney's best.

Wuthering Heights is one of those books I have always been meaning to read, as I do tend to enjoy books written in that time period, and it's a classic. I don't know why I never got round to it, but my boyfriend bought me the coolest copy - just look at the rough-edged effect on the pages - so I have finally got stuck in. I'm just over halfway through, and am thoroughly enjoying getting lost in the stormy, isolated Yorkshire moors. I also can't get the Kate Bush song out of my head - "let me in at your window-ohh-oh!" 

I am trying to eat a bit more healthily, as I don't always have the best diet. I am not a fan of salad, and as I have a pretty busy lifestyle, I'm guilty of grabbing food that's convenient rather than nutritional. Plus, when I do have time to cook, I just love unhealthy things like pasta and cheese! This week I've been eating lots of chicken and fish, with vegetables, brown rice and grains. My favourite dinner has been smoked haddock and cannellini beans, which I adapted from a Nigella Express recipe. It has been killing me not to bake though, and I am not sure a life without cake is one I am willing to lead...

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