Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Spring Spruce-up

As Spring gets into full-force, we've taken the idea of Spring cleaning a step further and had a good spruce up of the house. We moved in during September last year, and still don't have things exactly the way we'd like them, so we've tried to do a few little jobs to make the place look more 'us'. Last week the living room and dining room were painted, which has made a huge difference. The house was painted a shade that I am sure was meant to be cream when we moved in, but it has always looked yellowy and cheap to me. We went for whitewashed walls, as always, with a pale blue feature wall in the living room, and a light taupy-grey on the chimney place in the dining room. The grey was called Elephant's Breath, which I think is a great name!

When putting all the shelves back, we decided to rearrange the books by colour. It looks really nice, although we seem to have a lot of black books! Also, it is now harder to find a particular book than it was when they were alphabetised. We'll see. The boyfriend is currently upstairs assembling a new wardrobe (as our things didn't all fit into one, and the floordrobe situation was getting out of control), and a new bed for us. Then our current one can go into the spare room, so we can actually use it for guests, rather than a dumping ground for junk. 

In order to spruce up my self, I've been a sucker for cute accessories lately. I think it is because I want new seasonal things, but it is too cold to buy anything remotely Summery yet, clothes-wise at least. The happy middle ground has been two new bunny-themed phone cases, bunny slippers and some cute socks with poodles and bows. Lots of nonsense that keeps me happy.

I love this time of year, the changing of the seasons makes me feel more productive next task is to tackle our incredibly boring garden. I'm thinking pastel-painted fences and lots of Marguerites. 

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