Monday, 17 March 2014

Manicure Monday: Speckled Egg Nail Art How-To

saran wrap clingfilm manicure eggs nail art
 I did warn you that I'd gone Easter mad. I'm just impressed I managed to keep bunnies out of this post. 

This week, rather than just showing you a few of my many polishes, I thought I would actually show you one of the ways in which I like to use them. I am quite a fan of nail art, though totally lack any skills, so these kinds of foolproof looks are my speciality. I love to do this cling film technique at this time of year, because I think it looks a bit like speckled eggs! When I first started seeing this look popping up on nail blogs, it was always referred to as a saran-wrap mani, which I thought must be something fancy, not realising that was just the American term for good old cling film. I rarely use anything for nail art that I don't have lying around the house anyway, so this is perfect for me! I used the Essie colours Blanc and Where's My Chauffeur? for this look. This is the world's easiest non-tutorial, so apologies if I'm stating the obvious here, but I thought I would do a little how-to, just in case!

clingfilm saran-wrap nail art how-to tutorial
 1. Paint your nails white - I like to use two coats - or whatever colour you are using as your base.
2. Scrunch up a little ball of cling film, and dab a little bit of your chosen colour on to the top.
3. Lightly dab your cling film over your nails randomly. You can experiment with using more or less polish on the cling film, or rolling it into a tighter/looser ball to create different effects. 
4. Voilà! Told you it was foolproof. A quick coat of Seche Vite gives a glossy finish. 

I think this looks cool with gold and silver polish too. I tried black out, hoping it would look like real eggs, but I don't think I did a great job of that nail. I think the metallic shades would look great over black though -  that's one for me to try out in the Winter, I think. 

Have you ever tried out this look before? 

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