Monday, 24 March 2014

Manicure Monday: My Favourite Glitter, Models Own Ibiza Mix

My name is Amber and I am addicted to glitters. I have a crazy amount of glittery polishes, and use them in lots of ways - all over top-coat style, accent nails, gradients, the lot - and don't even grumble about getting them off. I love fine, subtle sparkle just as much as I love OTT chunky holos, and magically iridescent flakies. I could never ever have picked just one favourite glitter. Until I got this one. 

I am slightly ashamed to admit that I bought this purely because it was called Ibiza Mix, and I have a lot of love for the island. It didn't look too exciting or different in the bottle, and I already had a glitter or two in my basket that day. But I was dreaming of a sunny holiday, and the word Ibiza acted like some sort of trigger, and before I knew it I had handed over my £5. 

As usual, my photos do not do this justice (someone please tell me - how do you capture sparkle on camera?) but this is the prettiest glitter, with different sizes of warm pastel colours and gold. I decided to show you how it looks over white, and how it looks with a second coat, but it also looks divine over black, and I like wearing it over pastel shades. I wore it over Barry M's Gelly Blueberry non-stop last Summer. The PolishAholic has some far superior swatches here, if you'd like to see it over a peachy-orange shade. 

You can buy Model's Own Ibiza Mix from Boots, and I must say, the rest of the Hed Kandi line is worth a look. I also have Sunset Chillout and have wanted Beach Party for ages. You can also win a bottle of this wonderful polish in my 250 followers giveaway! Click through to the post here, follow me on Bloglovin, and enter away!

What's your favourite glitter?

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