Monday, 31 March 2014

Manicure Monday: Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-On Manicure

In all honesty, false nails are not my thing. However, I received these imPRESS Press-On Manicure nails by Broadway Nails in my Nottingham Bloggers' Meet goodie bag, and wanted to give them a try, if only because I really liked the colour. I received the shade First Date, a lovely taupe - if you read these manicure posts regularly, you'll know I love a neutral. They are alsoshort length, which appealed to me (long fake nails don't appeal to me at all), but as the thumb nails were much shorter than my own nails I ignored them for a while. Until, that is, I got a horrible cold causing all my nails to weaken and break. That always happens when I am ill, and is highly annoying, but at least it gave me the perfect opportunity to try these out!

The first thing that really appeals to me about this product is the packaging. I love how it looks like a little bottle of nail polish, which opens on a hinge to store all 24 little false nails. It's a cute touch, but also really handy for if you wanted to take the spares out in your bag with you. I think you'd need to, as unlike with traditional false nails, if one comes off you need to put a brand new one on, as there is no glue. 
The actual application process is really easy. A little nail prep pad is enclosed, for you to give your tips a quick swipe. Then each nail has a little sticky tab at the cuticle, which is simply peeled back like double sided sticky tape, before the nail is pressed down onto your own. Peeling back the tape is a little fiddly, especially when you have already got a few nails applied! You do need to stick them on carefully as once they are on, they are on; there's no drying time, and they really are stuck down very firmly pretty much immediately. 

The finished look of the nails has positives and negatives for me. The main positive is, I think, the fact that they are a shorter length. They look almost exactly like my own nails usually do, and I didn't have to spend an age filing them down to get them to look that way. The thumb nail however, is weirdly shorter than the rest, and is barely covering my own thumb nail, despite the fact that I've filed mine right down to match the nails that were broken. To make it cover mine I have had to leave quite a large gap between the cuticle and the nail. Some of the nails are also too slim for me. It's possible that I just have strangely wide nails, but it is only the ring finger and little finger nails that have this problem. So even though they look real enough from the top, side on there is a very obvious gap between the false nail and my finger. 
Excuse my cuticles - it has been a busy month!
Overall, these haven't turned me into a falsies girl - I love my own nails too much for that. They are however, infinitely preferable to the usual false nails offerings with all that gross glue. They also come in a great range of shades and patterns, so I would be tempted to have a few sets on hand in case of nail trouble in the future. It really annoys me when I get poorly and my all nails break, especially if there's an event I want to look my best for, so I'd definitely consider using them for instances like that. I have only had them on for two days, so can't comment on the claims that they last for seven, but so far they are going nowhere. I will edit the post when the first one comes off to let you know how long they lasted. 

Have you ever tried a press-on set of false nails? 

Broadway imPRESS nails are available for £5.99 from Superdrug.

Edit: I lost my first nail on the following Thursday - so 5 full days after I put them on. The others were still stuck down pretty fast, so I imagine that if I'd just replaced that one I could have have another day or so out of them!

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