Sunday, 30 March 2014

Haul: Primark, beauty and books!

 This is my third haul of March, which is a tad worrying. But it's practically April now, so I'm telling myself it's okay. I only popped into Nottingham to pick up a few extra bits for our mums for Mothers' Day, but as you can see, I spiralled out of control. So, what's in the bags? I warn you, there are many pictures!
We'd parked near Primark, a shop I had zero love or time for until I discovered the Nottingham branch, which is amazingly unlike a jumble sale. I couldn't resist popping in, and without meaning to, managed to grab a very turqouise/mint selection of items. I totally didn't realise until I got home how coordinated it all was! In the pictures it seems more blue, but I would say that everything I bought was Mint Candy Apple coloured!

I picked up this necklace, because I just loved the colours too much to leave it there. I've never actually had any jewellery from Primark before, so I am hoping it doesn't break too easily. It does feel a bit flimsy. I also picked up a bracelet, which I really love and have worn today. The pastel ombre effect just totally grabbed me and I can see myself wearing this non-stop all Spring. It looks far more expensive than it was, too.
 You should also be able to see in the pictures a glimpse of unicorn fabric - that is a pair of pyjama bottoms. I didn't like the top, so just got the bottoms for comfy tv-watching times. They are kind of gathered at the bottom, which I am not 100% sold on, but the print is too adorable. In the same shade, I bought a lovely cardigan with a crochet and pearl collar. I love the details on this cardigan, with the tiny beads and crystals, and pearl buttons. I will be a bit nervous to wash it, as I always am with Primark knits, but it feels so soft and I just couldn't resist it. Finally, I saw some fake eyelashes, something I hardly ever wear, and spontaneously decided I wanted some. I've only ever used Eyelure ones in the past, so am interested to see if these are as nice, as they are far cheaper.

Next I went to Space NK, where I picked up a Laura Mercier lip glacee for my mum in the shade BonBon. I gave it to her in the bag, so couldn't photograph it. We then popped into Lush, and chose the Mum bubble bar wand for my boyfriend's mum, along with the Rose bubble bar. I wish I had got the Rose one too, it's adorably pretty. I did of course treat myself as well, and got the Popcorn lip scrub and the Dragon's Egg ballistic. The Dragon's Egg smells exactly like Honey I Washed the Kids, and is really sparkly and beautiful. It does however, leave glitter everywhere! I can't wait to try it out.

After an odd encounter in John Lewis, where the lady at the Bobbi Brown counter talked me out of buying their concealer, I decided to nip into Boots and try out the Soap and Glory one I keep hearing about. Other than a lipgloss, I've never tried any Soap and Glory make-up, so I picked up a couple of other bits as they were on 3 for 2. I am already in love with the Gloss Stick, which I bought in the shade Nudist, and am looking forward to trying out the Glow All Out powder.
 I needed some shampoo and conditioner, and as Charles Worthington was also on 3 for 2, I grabbed the Moisture Seal hair masque to give my locks a treat.

Finally we popped into Page 45, a comic book shop, to pick up the next book in a series we've really been getting into lately, Fables. We often read books together (we'll have one book on the go each, and one shared at any given time) and comic books lend themselves nicely to this. Fables, if you are interested, is about fairy tale and storybook characters living in New York with a reformed Big Bad Wolf as their Sheriff. I couldn't resist popping into the Oxfam bookshop next door and bought My Name is Mina by David Almond. It's the sequel(ish) to Skellig, a book I read and loved at school. I also got this amazing old hardback copy of What Katy Did, another childhood favourite of mine. Second hand bookshops are like treasure troves to me. 

I didn't feel like I had bought much at the time, but writing this post has made me realise it was really quite the shopping spree! I'll have to be good for a few weeks...

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