Saturday, 1 February 2014

Review: Avojo Skincare The Black Peel Off Mask

A couple of weeks ago, I saw that quite a few bloggers, such as Shannon at Raspberry Kiss, had received this mask from Danish brand Avojo to review. The idea behind this mask is that it draws out impurities and blackheads, which are removed when the mask is peeled off. I was totally intrigued by the idea of a peel-off mask, having not used one since pre-teen sleepovers, as well as the idea of seeing the blackheads removed from my skin (I don't get many blackheads, so am totally fascinated by them. Gross, I know.) As a sachet of this is only £3, I ordered one to try out for myself. 

Let's make this clear from the start: this mask is not pleasant. I'd read the reviews, and the name of the product, so I shouldn't have been surprised, but nothing had prepared me for the sticky, tar-like black liquid that oozed out of this pristine white sachet. Once applied to the t-zone, the strong alcoholic scent becomes apparent, and my eyes did water a little. Oddly though, I kind of enjoyed the unpleasantness of it, as it made me feel like it must be really working, kind of like when lip balms or plumping glosses tingle. The sachet was large enough for two uses, but not wanting an open sachet of that lingering around the house, I treated (well, forced) my boyfriend into his very first face mask. I have to admit that the alcoholic smell did concern me a little, as I was worried it would dry out my skin. 

The mask sets very hard, but didn't crack, and thirty minutes later it peeled off very easily. I managed to get it off in three pieces. It was obvious immediately that the mask had had a mattifying effect on my skin, without it feeling stripped or dried out.  As the mask is black, it is easy to see any little blackheads or grime from the pores that it pulled out, and I was surprised to see a good bit on mine (there weren't any visible blackheads on my skin, and I had thoroughly cleansed), and my boyfriend's had quite a bit more. Both of our t-zones felt like the oil had been totally absorbed, and my nose felt velvety soft and pore-less, almost like I had primer on.  Four days later, and it still feels that way, which I think is a pretty impressive result. 

I don't think this is a life-changer for me, as black heads/clogged pores aren't usually a big problem for me. However, I think will order a few more, for those times when my skin does start to feel congested, and I think I will give some to my little sister, who has teenage skin and is troubled by blackheads. If your skin is oily/combination, I do think it's worth a go as the low price means it doesn't really matter if you find it isn't for you, plus I enjoyed the novelty of it.

Available from £3, with free delivery, from Avojo online.


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