Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Mini-Haul: The Illamasqua Sale

There are some brands whose products, branding, packaging and general image really appeal to certain people. For me, Illamasqua has always been a brand that, despite never having tried, I just wanted to love. So when I excitedly placed my very first order, taking advantage of their fantastic sale last month, I was rooting for them, and couldn't wait for them to impress me. I only bought a few items, having gone a bit overboard with the spending as it was last month (and that isn't even counting the wedding deposit), but there was so much I wanted to try, and I am already regretting not picking up one of their pigments. 

When my parcel from Illamasqua arrived, I was very impressed with the overall presentation. The items came in a smart black box, with lots of shredded black paper (no unsightly polystyrene), and the minimalist packaging is so attractive that even my boyfriend commented on it. I did however feel a little disappointed when I picked the products up, as they feel a little cheap, which is very much at odds with their sleek appearance. 

The first product that had made its way into my online basket was one of their Medium Pencils, in the shade Elate, a bright white. I picked this up mainly because I had been wanting a white pencil to use to brighten my eyes, and this was only £5. I have been really impressed with this so far, as it seems to last really well even though I have used it in my waterline (where not many products manage to stay put on me).

The second product, and the one that excited me most, was a lipstick in the shade Immodest. It's hard to tell what a colour will be like when buying online, but I certainly wasn't disappointed by the blue-based bright pink shade, loving the boldness of it at first sight, and the fact that it would make my teeth look a little whiter. It certainly is very bright, but not neon, and I was hoping to be able to wear this during the day. However, the matte formula of the lipstick makes it incredibly hard and dry, and I was shocked by the way it tugged at my lips the first time I tried to apply it. It definitely needs a good lip balm underneath, and I would recommend using a lip brush to apply the lipstick as well. Furthermore, it clings to and highlights the tiniest dry spot or flaw once on the lips, making it a bit too high-maintenance for day-to-day wear, for me anyway, as I'd need to scrub and prep like crazy beforehand. On the plus side, the pigmentation is fantastic, and the colour really is a stunner. The fact is however, that no matter how much I like the colour and finish, MAC Speak Louder is also a bright blue-toned pink, but as a Cremesheen applies like a dream.  I just know I will reach for that one far more often than Immodest, which will seem like hard work in comparison. 

On a better note, the Cream Blush in Promise, has seriously impressed me. The shade looked very lilac on the website, a colour I have never worn on my cheeks, so I was a tad apprehensive. The lilac tones are far more subtle in reality, and this shade is incredibly pretty and delicate. I have been applying this with my Real Techniques buffing brush, and it is a really quick way to add a pop of colour, and the formula is wonderfully blendable. Whilst being well-pigmented, the colour is quite sheer, giving my cheeks a really pretty glow without any shimmer or sparkle. Having gone to a Benefit counter to try Lollitint, then wimped out and bought Cha-Cha as I was worried that lilac was meant for pale skin, not olive, I now see the error of my ways, and am well and truly on the Radiant Orchid bandwagon. 

What should be my next Illamasqua purchase? Are the lipsticks all so hard to wear? Is there a trick I am missing to make Immodest more wearable? I've got the Illamasqua bug now, and have a feeling this is just the beginning!


  1. I've been dying to find to try out some Illamasqua products for ages, great post!

    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award, head over here for all the details xx


    1. Oh thank you so much! It means so much to me that people are reading and enjoying my blog! xx

  2. i really want to try Illamasqua products heard so many good things

    1. I just want to try so much more now! I am really keen to get my hands on their pigments next, though I really want to try some more of their lipsticks, as I had heard good things but really didn't get on with this one.

  3. So annoyed I missed the sale! I love their Skin Base foundation for evenings out :)

    Jenn | UK Beauty Blog


    1. I would love to try their foundation actually, but it's pretty much off the cards for now as I don't have a counter anywhere near me, and I wouldn't like to try and guess online! x


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