Monday, 10 February 2014

Manicure Monday: Valentine's Pinks

They are all quite a bit brighter in real life - it was a very grey weekend and I struggled to take good photos!

As Valentine's Day is on the horizon, I thought I'd go with the theme for this week's Manicure Monday. My colour palette is a pretty obvious one, but I think Valentine's Day is all about embracing the OTT, naffness of it all. With this in mind, I decided that the pinks I featured would be fairly bold, sugary shades of pink and pinky reds (no subtle Essie Ballet Slippers to be found here) befitting of this sugariest of days. Yes, I made that word up. 

So without further ado, here are the pinks in my stash that I personally feel scream Valentine's Day:

Nails Inc St James
Now according to Nails Inc, this is a pillar box red, but every single time I have worn it, it has looked like it has a touch of pink to me, and my swatches above and below seem to back that up. I think the polish itself is red, but the fine shimmer running through it is pink, giving it a lovely pink sheen that's just noticeable in the light.

OPI From Me to Q
I have a feeling that this shade was a QVC exclusive, passed my way by my shopping-channel-loving Nana. It's a red creme with a sort of dusty, rosy pink tone to it. I find this shade so wearable, as  although it's gorgeously bright, the pinkness makes it a very flattering polish. As with most OPI polishes it has a lovely glossy finish. 

OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips
Another stunner from the amazing Holland collection, this is the brightest shade I've picked for Valentine's. A bubblegum-pink creme, with a fantastic formula that's easy to apply, super pigmented, beautifully glossy and chip-resistant, this is one of my favourite bright pinks ever. If you want a super-bright Valentine's look, this is the one. 

OPI My Address is Hollywood
A more subtle choice, this rosy pink polish has a gorgeous shimmer (that once again, I have utterly failed to capture on camera. Sorry.). My pictures have caught a mauve-iness to the colour, which I have failed to ever notice before, but now looking at the bottle, I can kind of see it. 

Leighton Denny Just Perfect
This is my favourite pink ever, and I'm on my third bottle. It is, as the name suggests, the perfect every day pink, and the nail colour I get the most compliments on out of any I own (second place goes to OPI German-icure). I wear this for Spring, Summer, weddings, interviews and all occasions in between. Even though it's quite a bright pink, something about it seems neutral to me, so I am happy to wear it absolutely anywhere. Easily the most (or only) sophisticated shade in today's post, and perfect for grown-ups who still want to wear a proper pink on their nails. Also, as with all Leighton Denny polishes, the formula is incredible. I think their polishes get overlooked often, possibly because they don't have the range of shades offered by Nails Inc for example, but if you've never tried one of theirs, I'd urge you to give them ago.  My photo hasn't captured this one at all, but I'm wearing it in my post here, and that picture (taken in the evening, with no natural light) shows it far more accurately. 

 I think I will be going with Kiss Me on My Tulips, and I might even pop a coat of Nothin' Mousie About It (a glittery heart topcoat OPI did a while ago) on an accent nail or two, if I'm really going for it. If I can get the lighting to photograph that topcoat I will do, as I really ought to have included it here, but forgot all about it until now! 

Will you be sporting pink nails on Friday? Or going even further with some Valentine's nail art?


  1. ooh these are all gorgeous!!the leighton denny one looks really nice & the OPI pink one is so pretty!:)xx

    1. I'm such a nail polish fiend, I could obsess over them all day. I have so many though, and always want to try something new, so it really does mean something when I wear a polish as much as the Leighton Denny one! xx

  2. I think OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips is my favourite, it's my kind of pink!

    1. It's so bright and glossy! I loved that whole collection. x

  3. Oh, that "Just perfect" one truly looks perfect..I've never heard of that brand before though. Love your blog by the way :)

    1. Thank you! You must try Leighton Denny sometime, their polishes are amazing. xx

  4. Great pink colours! I really like the OPI polishes too! My nails are nailpolish-free at the moment so I might wear pink too! :)

    Cachoo Joo

    1. I love OPI, they last so long and tend to have great glossy finishes! Go for it, everyone loves pink! xx


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