Monday, 24 February 2014

Manicure Monday: Top and Bottom

I may be as fickle as can be when it comes to the colour on my nails, but there are two products that adorn my tips every single day. I've found my holy grails, and for me, no manicure is complete without these two little gems sandwiching it in.

For a base coat, I have used OPI Original Nail Envy for years and years, ever since fifteen year old me decided to stop biting once and for all, and needed plenty of help in strengthening those tips. If I run out of this and don't replace it for a little while, telling myself it's expensive and my nails aren't in bad shape, before long they are peeling and bendy. I've no doubt that this product works. Futhermore, it goes on nice and thin, and dries in a flash, so it really is no inconvenience to apply.

As for top coat, the ever-hyped and ever-controversial Seche Vite has been in my life for around six years, which tells you how I feel about it. I know it goes horrendously gloopy, I know the ingredients list freaks people out, and I know there's lots of really nice top coats available for half the price. And I don't care. This is the one. It gives the thick, high gloss shine I am addicted to, dries rock hard and super-fast (I don't have the patience for sitting around with wet nails!) and makes my mani last. I really don't feel my nails are complete without a slick of Seche Vite on the top of them. 

What are you base and top coat must-haves? Are you a Seche Vite addict like me? 

Seche Vite available at FeelUnique, Nail Envy at Boots.


  1. My new favorite base coat is the amazing Bonder from Orly :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. I have never tried that one! Does it do anything to strengthen nails, or is it just a base? x

  2. Haha I've used both of these too - I think Nail Envy was one of the first proper nail products I used actually, a nice one to have! :) I'm using a Venique top coat atm but have used Seche Vite before, it did get quite gloopy indeed (boo) but it does give a realllly nice shine hey?
    There are so many top coats and bases out there, it's nice to find a few that you know'll work for you!

    Cachoo Joo

    1. I just can't do without my Seche Vite! I know it has its faults, but don't we all! Love has blinded me haha x

  3. My nails are also pretty weak, but i am often way too lazy to apply a base coat when most of them don't really help. I might give the OPI one a good look.
    As for top coat I always go for the Better Than Gel Nails by Essence as this really sets my nail polish and has a beautiful finish.
    xx Lisa

    1. I would definitely recommend it, it's done wonders for me. x


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