Wednesday, 26 February 2014

iPhone Case Wishlist (or how to destroy things with nail polish remover)

My trusty Cath Kidston iPhone case had been with me for over a year and a half, and protected my phone from sand, fire and plain old being dropped. It was looking a little battered, but doing okay, all things considered. Until I absent-mindedly placed a used bit of nail-polish-remover-soaked cotton wool on top of it when doing my nails, and picked it up a few minutes later to find that my phone case was now a sticky, melty mess. Oops. 

I am not enjoying carrying around a naked iPhone; it feels vulnerable and I don't trust myself with it. However, I have found that lots of the cute cases I have seen whilst on the hunt for a replacement are only suitable for iPhone 5, and although I am due an upgrade later this year, I can't wait that long to get a case! So here's my pick of what's still out there for those of us who are still 4 or 4s users.

1. Orla Kiely Optic Stem case (£24.95 at John Lewis)
2. Thornback & Peel Pigeon and Jelly case (£23 at NotOnTheHighStreet)
3. Alphabet Bags Ampersand case (£20 at NotOnTheHighStreet)
4. Rifle Paper Co Botanical Rose case ($32 at Rifle Paper Co)
5. Alphabet Bags Meow case (£20 at NotOnTheHighStreet)
6. Rifle Paper Co Leopard case ($32 at Rifle Paper Co)

Currently winning for me is No.2, which is odd, since I like neither pigeons nor jelly. Together however, they seem to have won my heart. Let me know in the comments which one you like the best, or if there are any good places to look for iPhone 4 cases!


  1. Id have loved the Meow do you do one but I tend to get my cases from ebay for under £5.00 I think £20 is a big push for me!

    1. They are all on the pricier side, which is why this will probably stay a wishlist for now (especially as I am upgrading in the summer!). However, I am so in love with the Meow one, as well as the Pigeon and Jelly, that I may cave when I get my new phone! x

  2. Number 2 is so cute! Definitely know how you feel about the naked iPhone I have the 5c and I cannot find a case anywhere!

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

    1. Have you tried etsy? And yes, I cannot deal with my naked phone, it needs a case asap, it just feels wrong! x

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous! Particularly loving the first one, really lovely!xx

    1. Thanks Jade! I really like Orla Kiely's designs.x

  4. I adore case 2!!!! I really wanna get it :))) Thank u!


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