Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Fantastic Mr Foxes: Simply Suzy Q

simply suzy q fox earrings rose gold

However hard I may try to be a grown-up, I can't resist cute animals. One of my absolute favourite Christmas presents this year was this pair of rose-gold earrings, shaped like little fox faces, given to me by my boyfriend. These little beauties tick all the woodland-creature-loving boxes, whist looking chic and a little unusual. I am totally in love, and have worn them non-stop since Christmas day. 

They were from notonthehighstreet.com, a website I can spend hours browsing, and one that lets me find all sorts of new brands and sellers that I would never have stumbled upon otherwise. These earrings were by a company called Simply Suzy Q, and after a little research I found out that Suzy makes all of her products in a garden studio in Brighton. As a former Brighton resident, who misses the seaside town so very much, this little bit of information made me love my earrings even more. After all, the last piece of jewellery I had given to me that was made in Brighton was my engagement ring. 

Simply Suzy Q is the diffusion line, meant as a more affordable alternative to the main Suzy Q line (which is beautiful). I've found quite a few other items in the collection that I quite fancy getting my hands on. Here's my wishlist:

I love the wishbone, it makes me think of a book I fell in love with a couple of years ago called Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I am madly in love with the stunning colour of those earrings, they look so elegant (whilst reminding me of Jasmine from Aladdin!).  I think these little bracelets would make lovely presents, and they'd look good worn together. Finally, those stars are so cute - the rose gold one would go beautifully with my earrings! 

If you fancy a little peek at Simply Suzy Q's stuff, you can find it here. Prices start at £18, which I think is really good for something pretty, good-quality and handmade. 

Do you like any of the products on my wishlist? Also, I am so proud of myself for getting through that entire post without making any What Does The Fox Say? references.

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