Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Battle of the L'Oreal Mascaras: Miss Manga vs Telescopic

Remember how I am a total fool for a good product name? I'm also a pretty big sucker for an exciting advert, and L'Oreal hit both nails on the head with their Miss Manga mascara. The moment I saw the advert, with Barbara Palvin and all those panda-cartoon things, I knew this mascara would be mine. As I am not getting on with my current mascara, The Falsies, I felt like this purchase wasn't total madness. However, L'Oreal was on buy one get on half price, and I have no way of justifying my decision to use that buy a second mascara. I've never even tried a L'Oreal mascara before, so I thought I'd let two of them, one newly-hyped, and one old favourite, battle it out for my affections. Let's go!

The Old Favourite: Telescopic Extra Black

I'll be honest - I had reservations the moment I laid eyes on that brush. If you can call it a brush. I just couldn't imagine how something so skinny and bristle-free was going to give me the big, glamorous lashes I love. However, my lashes are long, and I've got plenty of them, so I don't need too much help in that department, and I was looking forward to seeing if the comb would give me ultra-defined separated lashes. Plus I had read bloggers' raves about the extra-black formula. 

The wand is very flexible as you can see from my pictures, but only if you apply a good bit of pressure - it won't bend all over the place when you don't want it to. I found that the comb did do a nice job of separating lashes, and reaching the corners of my eye, but that's about all it can do really. It adds pretty much no length, and certainly no volume. It's not even buildable, as the formula is extremely wet, and so trying to add a second coat causes bad clumping, undoing this mascara's only redeeming features. The eight-eyelashes look is good on no one. The wetness of the formula means that my lashes didn't hold a curl very well either. Not a fan. I can't even say I noticed that the formula was extra-black, though I will say it leaves a nice glossy finish. 

Overall, if you have quite a lot of eyelashes, and want an everyday mascara that separates them and gives a natural look, this would do the trick. Just don't expect too much more from it. I don't hate this mascara, it's more that I don't really get it.

The New Craze: Miss Manga

First impressions-wise, this was more like it. Pretty packaging and the kind of brush I could get on board with. I like how this brush is tapered, making it really easy to reach the corners of your eye, without sacrificing a thicker, bristly brush. However, I found the 360 degree wand a bit strange and hard to work with; you can see from the picture that it is weirdly bendy! 

The formula is quite nice, and again gives a glossy look. This is a bit more lengthening than Telescopic, and of course, far more volumising. It holds a curl quite well, and does give a nice doll-eyed effect when used with an eyelash curler. That said, I do find it begins to flake a little towards the end of the day. I also found I had to be quite careful when applying it, as it does clump easily, although it helps if you scrape the excess product off the wand first. I think this is a mascara that will improve once it has dried out a little, and I don't mind that too much, as it is the case with many of my favourites. 

Overall, I far prefer this one to Telescopic, and will have no problem using the tube up. I doubt that I will repurchase it though, and I don't think it lived up to the expectations I had from the marketing campaign - it doesn't really do anything that different, and I definitely didn't get manga-style eyes from using it! It does do a nice job of bottom lashes however, which I suppose makes the eyes look wider, so I get where they were going with their campaign. For me though, this doesn't compare to my drugstore favourites, Maybelline Colossal and Max Factor False Lash Effect. 

Have you tried any L'Oreal mascaras? Do you love either of these?


  1. Its so funny isnt it how different people look for different things when it comes to mascara. I loved the Telescopic as I found it gave me great length and seperated my lashes nicely but I just didnt get on with Miss Manga. Like you I was expecting so much more after seeing the campaign x

    1. To be fair, it does separate lashes quite nicely, but it didn't seem to do much else for me. Things work so differently on different people! I agree with Miss Manga though, I was expecting something a bit different, but aside from the weird bendy brush, it was nothing I haven't seen before! x

  2. Kelly is right.. It depends so much on the lashes of the person. I usually love l'oreal's mascaras.. Just the telescopic ones was not for me :(


    1. I think that is true for most beauty products. There are a few gems that seem universally popular, but in general, what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for someone else. That's why I like reading lots of different reviews, and also why I like it when I get to know what other products a blogger likes, to see whether we do have similar tastes! x

  3. Completely adore the Miss Manga mascara! I bought it when it was first on offer, and even though it's gone up to it's RRP now (boo!) I still ended up purchasing another to replace the original one :) Great post!

    Frankie x
    Curiouser and Curiouser

    1. I must admit, it has grown on me since I wrote this post. I think it is because it has dried out slightly, it was so wet at first. xx


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