Friday, 21 February 2014

Bagels, cake, a new addition and seasonal confusion.

This week, the boyfriend and I have been off work, and although we've not really done anything that exciting, it really has been just what I needed. A combination of little errands, browsing shops, baking and seeing family and friends has done us both a world of good, as we both were a bit burned out and in need of a break. 

The relaxation started on Friday evening, with our own laid-back version of Valentine's Day. We have spent way too much this month as it is (we did book a wedding after all, which is enough of a romantic gift, really), so we decided to forgo presents, but we did of course exchange cards. We didn't bother cooking, as that makes washing up, so we had a good old M&S dine in, complete with a glass or two of fizz, then snuggled up with a DVD. Sofas and Friday nights are a perfection combination in my book.

The most romantic of cards, no?

Over the next few days, we did a spot of baking, including a delicious lemon and poppyseed cake, one of my absolute favourites. We also made bagels, something we only learnt how to bake a few months ago, and have been addicted to ever since. We usually put poppyseeds on them, but had used them all up in the cake, so experimented with parmesan and walnuts instead. They were fantastic, and I definitely recommend trying out that combination if you ever do make bagels (which you should - they are easy, and far better than anything you can buy in a shop) - the only downside is that parmesan doesn't go with Nutella! 

A little mosey into town to run some errands led to me perusing the aisles of T K Maxx, as usual, and falling madly in love with a little lamp shaped like a dog. The last thing I needed to be spending extra money on was a lamp, but within 15 seconds I had named him Howard, so really it was only ever going to end with him coming home with us. I always did want a dog. Now I need to find a space for the poor, rejected lamp that used to sit in our dining room, as that is Howard's new home. I've also just realised that I would probably  be less of a hoarder if I stopped imaging that household items could feel rejection.

Keeping an eye on Howard from above
Other than a little meal out with the sister-in-law(ish), a trip to see some of my relatives, and a fish-buying expedition (I am now the proud owner of two guppies), we have just been at home. Watching The Killing, reading lots of books, and enjoying the little things that I so love. In an attempt to hurry the seasons along I have been buying tulips and daffodils, as both blooms say Spring to me. However, I am also burning my Christmas Rose Yankee Candle non-stop in an attempt to get rid of it once and for all. I can't bear to have something out that says Christmas on it any longer, but there's only a little left so I don't want to save it for next year. I don't much like this post-Christmas-but-not-Spring-yet time of year. A late Easter means I have so long to wait before I can start hanging little pastel-coloured eggs up, and making bunny-shaped biscuits, so I will try to put it out of my mind and curl up with a book, a hot chocolate and my silly festive candle. 


  1. those beagles look soo freakin awesome! YUM!!!!! cuuute kitty! :) x
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

    1. They were really good, and bagels are so much fun to make! She is very cute, we rescued her mainly based on her adorableness. She is quite naughty, but her sweet little face means she gets away with it! xx


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