Thursday, 30 January 2014

Review: Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod Body Wash and Lotion

When the weather is as totally miserable and grey as this, there's nothing like a hot shower and some beautiful products for perking me up. Luckily, I have just the thing.

I mentioned in my favourites post a few days ago, that I received a gorgeous Molton Brown set from by boyfriend this Christmas. It was a great present, as I am a big fan of the brand, and I hadn't tried any of the items in the set before. Double winner!

As I seem to have enough body wash and lotion to last me until I am fifty (not that I am complaining), I only got around to trying these two pretty little bottles this week. I am so glad I did, as they are just what I needed. This spicy scent can warm up the greyest of days, with notes of pink pepperpods (from the Gulf of Guinea, apparently) and fiery ginger creating a grown-up and luxurious scent. Molton Brown describe it as 'sultry, humid and spicy', and I think those words do it justice. I love that the scent is totally at odds with the colour scheme of the packaging, as the scent is really not your typical sweet and fluffy floral. 

I am absolutely loving using these two at the minute, and I can't believe I haven't tried them before. I can even see a repurchase happening, which isn't that common for me when it comes to body wash. Molton Brown also make a candle in this scent, which I have my eye on, and I can imagine the scrub is really invigorating.

Have any of you tried these products? Are there any other products in the Molton Brown range that I need to get my hands on?

The Pink Pepperpod range is available from £18 on the Molton Brown website.


  1. i love molton brown bodywash!

    although i was a little confused recently after they changed the names :)


    1. It lathers up so nicely, and the scent seems to linger for so long on my skin! When they changed the names, loads of it ended up in T K Maxx, it was awesome! x


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