Thursday, 23 January 2014

Haul: 7 Items for £7

This month I've been trying (and, let's face it, failing) to curb my spending, as we're saving for our wedding. Having seen so many great Poundland hauls, I thought a little trip there might satisfy my urge to shop without requiring me to cut the guest list. After a good rummage, I managed to find a few bits to keep me entertained for one afternoon, at least.

Nivea Lip Care Soft Rose
I get terribly dry lips, so having lip balm stashed everywhere (handbags, car, desk, bedside draw) is essential for me. I'd actually never tried one of these lip balms, which surprised me. It feels nice, and certainly does the job, but it doesn't provide much colour. For a pound however, it's pretty great, and I have put it in my coat pocket for outdoor dry-lip emergencies.

Revlon Chroma Chameleon (shade not stated)
These are £6.49 in Boots, so I was pretty pleased with this bargain. It's a lot greener on the nails than it looks in the bottle, and although it took three coats to become opaque, I didn't really mind; it's very thin and applies easily. 

Revlon Eyeshadows 
Having never tried a Revlon eyeshadow, I was quite excited to try out two of their formulas, Satin (in Nude Slip and Shimmering Sienna) and Perle (in Sunlit Sparkle). They feel lovely and soft, however I found that with the exception of Shimmering Sienna, they were not very pigmented and quite dusty. Shimmering Sienna is the darkest one pictured, and I actually really like it. It doesn't last all day, which is a shame, so I plan on trying it with a primer next time.

NYC Liquid Eyeliner
This is a basic black liner, with a perfectly fine brush applicator. It does not stay put for very long at all though, which is a big no-no for me. 

Rimmel Spark It Up Gleaming Eye Darkening Liner
I picked this up in the shade 300 Ultraviolet, as I have heard that purple is a great colour to bring out brown eyes, and it isn't a colour I wear much at the minute. The liner isn't glittery as I had expected from the packaging, but I prefer it this way, as I can wear it for work. It isn't a bright purple at all, so it's a nicely subtle way to mix things up a bit. 

Overall, I like four out of the seven items I bought, so I only wasted £3 and have been able to experiment with brands and colours I don't usually wear. I will definitely go back to Poundland again, as I found the whole thing quite fun (I think I just got a buzz out of buying seven things at once, I am such a shopaholic/loser).

What's the best beauty product you've ever found in Poundland?


  1. That Nivea lip balm is amazing. I love Nivea lip balms and the rose one is one of my favourites :D

    Oooh I'll have to check my local store out, that NYC liquid liner used to be my go-to liner, can't say no to picking it up for £1 :D

    Juyey xx

    1. I do like the lip balm, I just wish the colour payoff was a bit better.

  2. Those Revlon eyeshadows are to die for. I love how the pearl one looks. I gotta go searching for them now..hehe! :)


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