Sunday, 12 January 2014

Beauty Bargain: Molton Brown at TK Maxx

I am a big fan of TK Maxx. I know it can feel a bit like a jumble sale in there (and to be honest, I rarely brave the clothes rails), but for accessories, homeware (and if you want outlet home accessories and furniture, the sister store Homesense is a must) and beauty products, it is pretty fantastic. 

Whilst browsing my nearest branch a few days ago, I was quite excited to find a shelf dedicated to Molton Brown.

They mostly had hand wash and lotions, but there were a few other bits too, like body lotions etc. I'm trying to hold back a bit this month, so just grabbed two items for £5.99 each - the Fine Liquid Hand Wash in Thai Vert, and the Soothing Hand Lotion in Pettigree Dew. These both retail at £16. 

Thai Vert has a bright, fresh scent, that's perfectly unisex (handy, as these are for my downstairs bathroom). Pettigree Dew is a much softer floral, is lovely and moisturising, without taking an age to sink in, or leaving hands greasy. I also love the colourful, flowery packaging. I have always loved the overall look of Molton Brown products, and think they are a great way to glam up the bathroom - I find guests usually appreciate them!

As far as I can tell, the majority of the products  I saw in TK Maxx are still being sold by Molton Brown at their full prices, but have new names for 2014. For example, my Thai Vert hand wash is now called Lime and Patchouli. Oddly enough, for a product previously called 'Thai',  the Molton Brown website's description of the scent repeatedly refers to Mexican influences. Pettigree Dew however, still has the same name, so I don't know why it has ended up in TK Maxx.

What's the best beauty bargain you have ever stumbled upon in TK Maxx?


  1. I'm not a fan of a TKMaxx, it's quite pricey in my country, but everytime when I'm there, I'm almost drooling at those beautiful things at home-decoration part ;-)

    Awh, what a cutie cat! *-*


  2. How strange, it's just an outlet here, so pretty much everything is cheap! There are the odd higher end bits that are a bit more though. I love the home stuff, I get loads of pretty glass storage jars for the kitchen, bakeware, all sorts really. And yes, she is lovely, but was getting right in the way of my photos that day! x

  3. OMG your kitty is too cute!!!


    1. I mean.... lol

  4. i love TK maxx and its bargains! thanks for sharing :)

    from helen at

    1. Me too, you can find some really good stuff in there if you keep popping in! x


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