Saturday, 18 January 2014

Beauty Bargain: Guerlain Terracotta Tan-enhancing Bronzer Terra Nerolia

Admittedly, many people would not consider a high-end bronzer to be a bargain. However, when I was browsing the beauty counters at John Lewis last weekend, I spotted this not-so-little beauty, at half price.

How stunning is this? And although it is hard to tell from the photographs, it is absolutely huge, so should last me an age. I've had their far-smaller Terracotta Moisturising and Long Lasting Bronzer powder for 18 months now, and have finally hit pan after using it most days. Sadly that one lost its lid a while back, so I'm hoping this chunkier compact will wear a little better. The packaging itself is beautiful and feels sturdy. It comes with a fantastically large mirror, which will be great for applying make-up on the go. 

This bronzer started life looking even more divine than it does now, as it comes with an overspray of fine gold shimmer on the triangles. I didn't manage to resist playing with it long enough to photograph that, I'm afraid, but I have included a stock photo to show the original effect. My photographs show the way it looks after one use. The shimmer is definitely still there, but only for another use or two. Then it disappears, leaving you with a beautiful matte bronzer.

As I bought this at the counter, I was able to see the tester, so knew that the gold shimmer was temporary and was happy with this (I have more use for a matte bronzer). However I can imagine that people buying this online without properly reading the description may have felt misled.

As well as being beautiful to look at, this product smells fantastic. It is scented with Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria fragrance of Nerolia Bianca, a super-summery floral scent which makes me think of holidays. It's a nice touch, and every time I open the compact I feel like it is Summer. 

The product itself is, like all Guerlain bronzers, gorgeous. The bronze outer ring is actually very similar to the Terracotta bronzer I already have, making me wonder if I will need to repurchase that when I run out after all. It is such a flattering shade with a satiny-matte finish, and so soft and blendable. I just love it. The inner circle, a peachy-coral blush,  has the same finish and is also very wearable. I can imagine it suiting most skin tones, although it may not show up as well on darker skin. The two shades can either be used separately as a blush and contouring bronzer, or together, swept all over the face with a nice big brush for a healthy glow. I just know I am going to use this bronzer so much, and the fact that one sturdy compact comprises two shades and a huge mirror makes it so transportable. 

It is no longer available on the John Lewis website, but I paid £22 for it in store. There were lots of things in store that are sold out online, so it's definitely worth going to the beauty counters on a bargain hunt at this time of year.

Have you ever tried one of Guerlain's bronzers? Are there any other Guerlain products that I need to try?


  1. Replies
    1. It's so pretty, and it really is huge! x

  2. So pretty! I think this would work really well on lots of different skin tones too :)

    1. It's just a perfect colour for warming up your skin, I'm in love with it! x


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